What is the difference between an insect screen and Security screens?

Fly on window screen

When choosing a sliding screen door for their home, some people decide to go with an insect screen, believing that it will be just as secure as a security screen. In this article, we explore the differences between the two so home owners know what they’re getting.

Different Materials

First and foremost, the two screens are made from different materials. An insect screen’s main job is to protect you from insects, and so it is normally made from aluminium and mesh. This mesh is typically made from fiberglass, PVC coated polyester or midge mesh.

Security screens, however, are made to keep out all unwelcome intruders: not just insects, but humans too. Their mesh is of a higher quality. It is made up of either stainless steel or aluminium sheeting interwoven into a mesh format.

Unlike fly screens, security screens cannot be made by hand or through picking up a few things from Bunnings. They are specially patented and create according to Australian rules and regulations.

Security Differences

A security screen product is designed to keep people and insects out, whereas an insect screen will only keep insects out.

Fly screens are not regulated by Australian security requirements and due to that, an insect screen can be easily removed or damaged, especially if the intruder is armed.

Security screens offer a significantly higher degree of safety due to their superior materials, adherence to security standards, and also the triple-lock system which is required to be in place. With a security door, you will be guaranteed a higher level of security.


Security screen doors are created with longevity in mind. They are built to withstand tough conditions, including weather events. Security screen doors are also more likely to carry a warranty, so that if it has a manufacturing or installation fault warranty will cover it.

Fly screens, however, often become damaged over time. This may be due to sun exposure, which changes their colour to a silver, or even due to daily wear and tear, which can lead to holes in the insect screens.


The last difference between the two screen products is their price. Due to the differences, insect screens tend to be significantly cheaper than security screen products. This is due to the lack of industry regulation, as well as cheaper materials.

Security screen products cost more than insect screens due to the regulation and higher quality materials.

However, even though they are more expensive, they are undoubtedly worth the superior benefits they have over insect screens.

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