Secure View Frequently Asked Questions


What gives SecureView its steadfast strength?

SecureView works smarter to achieve effortless strength and durability. There are two key differentiating elements that give superior strength to SecureView security screens. Firstly, SecureView’s high grade black stainless steel mesh (T316) is expertly woven to create a robust, yet understated, secure screen. Second is the unity of 3MT’s high performance VHBT adhesive and extreme pressure. This unique method delivers an enviable balance of strength and aesthetics that will add value to your home now and into the future.


What is Marine Grade Stainless Steel?

The SecureView patent pending design employs the finest T316 marine grade stainless steel mesh. This is the same metal composition specified by performance yacht manufacturers on crucial fittings and cables. 316 marine grade stainless steel has a higher tensile than 304 commercial grade, and it also yields a significantly greater resistance to corrosion than 304. This makes SecureView perfect for the Australian environment, including coastal regions.


Will SecureView screens on my windows block my light?

SecureView’s innovative weave design works to reduce glare and heat, without forfeiting your natural light.


Will I be able to retain my view?

Despite their strength SecureView security screens have an elegant translucence that allows you to showcase your views and bring a sense of the outdoor into your home.


Will SecureView inhibit my airflow?

Your SecureView security screens will allow the breeze to flow through your home. SecureView security on your doors and windows allows you to open your home with peace of mind, making it an clever investment for summer.


Is SecureView insect proof?

SecureView’s uniquely woven mesh keeps out all manner of insects, from mosquitoes to sandflies.


How should I care for my SecureView screens?

Maintaining your SecureView security screens is simple. There is no need for harsh chemical cleaners, simply use a microfibre cleaning cloth to thoroughly wipe over during your regular cleaning regimen. Your local expert will be able to provide you with a SecureView cleaning mitt, which has been specifically designed to make cleaning your security screens as simple as possible.