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Glass Shower Screens – Style, Beauty, Elegance And Much More Besides

If you’re looking to enhance your bathroom space then why not ditch that tired old shower curtain and add a fabulous glass shower screen? At Down Under Screens, we’re not just about keeping insects and intruders out of your home. In addition we also sell and install a wide range of fabulous glass shower screens all of which will give your bathroom a stylish, fresh appearance that’s both elegant and sophisticated. However aside from aesthetics, glass shower screens also have many more benefits

Gets rid of unwanted pools of water

How many times have you stepped out of the shower only to find a vast pool of water that’s accumulated on the floor? You check and notice that the pesky shower curtain you thought you’d secured inside the shower tray or bath has somehow managed to come free and has inadvertently dumped the water it’s designed to stop, right onto your tiled floor. Conversely glass shower screens eliminate the hassle of having to worry about unwanted pools of water and now when you take a shower,you can feel rest assured that the water is going to stay inside the tray.

Wave goodbye to mould

Ah yes mould! The scourge of the shower curtain. Invest in a great looking shower screen and gone are the days when you have to take a morning out of your busy schedule to scrape the mould and dried soap off your tired old shower curtain before visitors arrive. Instead all it takes to keep a good quality glass shower screen clean is a quick spray of a multi purpose glass cleaner and a wipe down with a cloth.

Child friendly

With a conventional shower curtain they’re never going to be very child friendly. For instance there’s always a danger of a child standing up in the shower, grabbing hold of the curtain and pulling it down. Or if the shower is inside the bath, then they’re just as likely to grab hold of the shower curtain and fall out of the bath. Conversely not only is a glass shower screen a rigid structure, it’s also made using toughened glass that’s designed specifically not to shatter.

Longer lasting

Glass shower screens will stay looking like new for as long as you look after them. They won’t fade or rot and as such make for a great long-term investment and one that will enhance the look of your bathroom.

Our shower screens are supplied by  two of the most experienced companies in the country in Bradnam’s and Olympic Systems. We give you the opportunity to choose from an array of framed, sliding, pivot framed or semi-frameless screens in a wide range of styles to suit.

If you’re thinking of ditching your shower curtain once and for all and are considering investing in a fabulous glass shower screen, then contact us at Down Under. Our experienced staff are on hand to help you find the right style that will enhance the look of your home and  assist you in making the right purchasing decision.