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Embrace Outdoor Living And Be Insect Free

So you’ve got a fabulous patio area but you feel that you can’t really enjoy it to the maximum. Why? Because there’s a strong chance that if you sit out there for any length of time you’re likely to be encountered by a barrage of unwanted midges or mosquitoes. Does this resonate with you? Apart from covering yourself and everything around you in insect repellent for protection, it’s surely a case of ‘put up or shut up’ isn’t it?

Alternatively just imagine walking into your patio area after a long day, pouring yourself a long cold drink, and relaxing safe in the knowledge that it’s going to be insect free. Well now you can with our fabulous Secure View security and insect screening. At Down Under Insect and Security Screens we’ll fit our state-of-the-art screens to make sure that your outdoor or patio area is elegantly and securely enclosed, keeping all the insects out, and all of this without sacrificing any of the aesthetics.

So how does it work?

The versatility of Secure View screening allows us to enclose virtually any outdoor space or patio area and as such can give the impression of bringing the outside in, plus a feeling of more overall space. Whether you use it for your own personal relaxing and tranquil haven or as an extension of your kitchen as a place to entertain and dine, the choice is yours.

The benefits

Aside from keeping unwanted insects and intruders out what other benefits do our screens have? Let’s take a look…

Providing visibility and protection without glare

Our Secure View screens and fly screens provide complete visibility without the glare of fully enclosed glass doors and windows. In fact you probably won’t feel as if you’re in an enclosed room at all and that’s the beauty of them.

Stay cleaner

Unlike glass which can easily smear our insect/security screens remain cleaner for longer. A simple dust down is all it takes, so no endless washing and polishing is needed.

Strength and durability

With a variety of designs to choose from our screens can integrate seamlessly into your home. Our Secure View security screens are made using marine-grade stainless steel and our insect screens are made from woven fibreglass coated with PVC. Both can be encased in aluminium framing giving you both strength and durability. Aside from being super-strong our security screens are also resistant to corrosion. This is why we’re confident to offer an 11 year guarantee on all our Secure View products.

Creating a unique feel

With endless configurations to choose from we’ll discuss your needs and based on these will do our utmost to deliver a patio area or enclosure that suits your exacting requirements. Whether you want your enclosure to to remain a seamless extension of your property or whether you’re after something completely different, at Down Under we have the skills to bring your dreams to life.

Contact us today to see just how you could make the most of your outside space and embrace outdoor living without all the hazards associated with it.