Window Treatments For Your Sliding Glass Doors

panel-track-blinds-300x227Sliding glass doors provide style and beauty to the home and are a great way of letting the outdoors in and for embracing the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that Brisbane allows. Most open on to patios or terraces but in a few cases they can be used as the main entrance to the house.

Window treatments for glass sliding doors vary from that of standard window treatments since the construction of a sliding door is different to that of a window. When you’re looking at the various window treatment options then you need to give consideration to the level of traffic that the entrance gets. The treatment also needs to offer privacy, insulation, and complement the décor of your room. Let’s take a look at 3 easy window treatment solutions for sliding doors:


Curtains can add another level of insulation to your sliding glass doors but if they’re too thick they can look bulky and obscure part of the doors, or if they’re too flimsy, then they don’t keep the light out either. Block out curtains are a good option since they are light in weight and come in many different colours and designs to enhance your décor. Think about mounting your curtains on a large rod which protrudes way beyond the edges of your sliding doors so that entry in and out is not obstructed.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the more traditional choices for sliding doors and easily sourced from home improvement stores. Free hanging fabrics give a lovely soft look but can be limited in their range of colours or designs which can lead to a somewhat dated look.

Panel track blinds

These are the latest products being used to cover sliding doors. They’re similar to vertical blinds but use long wide strips of fabric which stack back to front. Very popular are the type of panel blinds which use a light diffusing fabric rather than a fabric which is opaque. Panel tracks and blinds can be found in many different fabrics and are extremely versatile, plus you can usually mix and match them with roller blinds or other types of fabric blinds used for the windows in your room. Different left or right hand stacks or a centre stack can be chosen to fit in with the position of your door and you can usually opt for a face or recess fitting. The face fit allows you to stack back the panels fully maximising the view from your door. If you want privacy, then simply glide your panels across the track blocking out the view.

Sliding doors are modern and contemporary and allow more light into your home. If you’re interested in knowing more about our sliding glass doors then give us a call on 07 3807 3355 and speak to our friendly staff.

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