Why Someone Might Choose An Insect Screen And Other Stories!

person swatting fliesWhen the hot weather arrives most people want to fling their windows and doors open to try and capture what little cooling air is blowing their way. The trouble is that when you do that you’ll also be giving an open invite to a multitude of insects who just might prefer your home and the contents within, to aimlessly flying around outside.

By the time you realise that your home is now over-run with annoying flies, mosquitoes, and wasps you decide to shut your window and locate the insect repellent that’s been lurking in the bottom of your cupboard. You then proceed to go through the whole house gassing everything and everyone in sight. After a while all that’s left are a few dead bodies, a smell that gets right up your nose, and a stuffy, hot house.

Oh the joys of summer!

Now imagine this scenario… It’s that same hot day and you fling your windows and doors open to reveal sunlight permeating through your home complete with a gentle cooling breeze. You don’t have to worry about plagues of insects because guess what? You have insect screens on all your windows and doors.

Now here’s another scenario…

You decide it’s time to invite those next door neighbours around for a full-on barbecue because let’s face it, they’ve already entertained you twice already and there are only so many times that you can say “Oh, you really must come round” when you see them across the drive. Anyway, the cooling drinks are in the fridge, the barbecue is fired up and your friends are there enjoying your hospitality. And then the mosquitoes start…..

First it’s a quick slap on the back of the neck to exterminate one and before you know it, you’re trying to fend off hoards of them, beer in one hand and meat tongs in the other. What’s more your friends are feeling the effects too, so out come the fly swatters which are now being frantically flailed around like a ninja with a samurai sword. Eventually you give up and move the party indoors.

So how about this instead….

You’re all outside having a great time with good food and great company with not an insect in sight. Why, because you decided to invest in a patio enclosure where you can relax and dine outside without having to worry about being eaten alive.

Okay so these two scenarios might be a touch extreme but you get the picture. Insect screens really can make your life more pleasurable and can even enhance the look and value of your home too. If you’d like to find out more about insect screens then contact our experienced team at Down Under Screens and Security for further information. We’ve been supplying and fitting insect screens for many years so why not let us give you a free, no-obligation quote. To get yours contact us on 07 3807 3355 or visit our website at www.downunderscreens.com.au

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