Who Choose Secure View Security Doors And Windows?

Secure View ScreeningMore and more people are turning to Secure View security doors and windows as a form of screening but not without good reason. The screening can be fitted to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your home so that it doesn’t appear out of place or character, but at the same time it won’t lose the luxury of openness that you get with standard windows and doors. Here are some other benefits you might want to consider.

It’s super strong

The mesh that makes up the bulk of the frame is made from T316 marine grade stainless steel. This is the same grade of steel that’s used on high performance yachts for crucial fittings and cables. It yields a significantly greater resistance to corrosion than commercial grade steel and in addition it has a higher tensile factor (the pulling strength needed to break the material) than commercial grade steel too. It’s perfect for Australian conditions particularly those residing in coastal regions. It’s also passed the Australian Standards Test. This is in fact a series of tests involving impact tests, jemmy tests, knife shear tests, and pull tests. So as you can see, it really is super strong and therefore perfect for securing your home.


It’s flexible

Secure View can be used on a wide range of openings from sliding doors and standard windows to standard doors and even hinged security doors. So whatever type of openings, doors and windows you have, there’s a Secure View security screen for you.

It’s still a normal insect screen

Even though Secure View screening is super strong it still plays an important role in keeping out unwanted insects from your property, and it does it very well. Its uniquely woven mesh manages to detract all manner of insects from entering your property, including flies, wasps, mosquitoes, and even sand flies. That said, despite its strength and tightly woven mesh, Secure View screening appears translucent and as a result it showcases your views, brings the outdoors inside, and lets light into your property. However because of it’s innovative weave, Secure View also reduces glare and heat when needed.


It’s easy to maintain

Maintaining Secure View screening is relatively simple. You don’t need any specialist chemicals or cleaners. Instead a simple wipe down with a standard microfibre cleaning cloth will keep your screens in top top condition.

As you can see, if you’re looking to keep out more than just insects from your property without losing your property’s homely appeal then this is the perfect type of screening for you. To find out more why not contact Down Under Insect Screens and Security. We’ve been supplying and fitting insect screening for many years, so call us today on 07 3807 3355 and let us give you a free quote.

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