What’s So Great About Glass Shower Screens Anyway?

glass shower screen You might be of the impression that actually a glass shower screen isn’t that bigger deal. Sure, they look nice but for the price you’ll end up paying, why not stick with a shower curtain? The truth is that aside from an aesthetic point of view (and you’ve got to admit, they look great right?) glass shower screens have a lot going for them. Let’s take a closer look.

Firstly safety

While it’s true that there have been a handful of freak accidents and injuries that have occurred with glass shower screens, especially when they’ve shattered on impact, most of these incidents involved older shower screens. Modern day glass shower screens are far more safe. They’re made from tempered glass which is designed to absorb even the most hardest of impacts. Nowadays, even when they do shatter (which is highly unlikely) they’re designed to do so in tiny pieces rather than razor sharp shards.

That’s great but how is this safer than a shower curtain?

Because of it’s toughened nature a glass shower screen will at least contain you within the shower area if you slip. Conversely if your shower is contained within a bath area and you or a child slips while taking a shower involving a flimsy shower curtain it’s easily possible to fall out of the shower/bath area onto the floor below, possibly causing more injury or trauma.



There’s no getting away from the fact that shower curtains go mouldy. What’s more they do so with alarming frequency. How many times have you had to seriously scrub your shower curtain and douse it with anti mould spray to keep it looking even remotely like new? Probably more times than you can imagine right? Well with a glass shower screen all it takes is a quick wipe over with a dry cloth to get rid of any smears. There’s no hard scrubbing involved and if looked after a glass shower screen will stay like new for many years to come. Which is more than can be said for a shower curtain.

No horrible pools of water

How many times have you pulled the shower curtain across after having a shower to find a great big pool of water on the floor? It doesn’t matter how careful you are, that pool of water always seems to be there. Aside from being a potential slip hazard, it’s also just plain annoying. With a glass shower screen, because of it’s rigidity all the water remains inside the bath/shower tray so you don’t have to worry.

Spacial illusion

Finally glass shower screens can give the illusion of more room in your bathroom even if there isn’t enough room to swing a cat. Glass shower screens have the ability to portray a sense of openness and space even to the smallest of bathrooms and as the glass panel lets the light flood in, your bathroom can also appear lighter and brighter too.

So there you have it! If you weren’t convinced about glass shower screens before, then hopefully you might be now. To find out more why not contact Down Under Screens and Security. As the name suggests we specialise in insect screening and security doors but we also have a great range of glass shower screens. Why not check out our website at www.downunderscreens.com.au or contact us directly on 07 3807 3355.

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