What Type Of Insects Do Our Insect and Security Screens Keep At Bay?

fly-screensAt Down Under Insect Screens and Security you’ll hear much reference to ‘fly screens’ but the good news is that it isn’t just flies they keep out. On the contrary, a good quality screen similar to the type that we install can stop a whole multitude of unwanted critters entering your home, leaving you with total peace-of-mind. Here’s an idea of some of the insects that our insect screens can prevent.


The good news is that practically every commercial insect screen on the market will prevent spiders from entering your home, and ours do too. Although it’s fair to say that most of the dangerous varieties, or at least the ones that give you a nasty nip are more likely to remain outdoors anyway, it will certainly keep out the Huntsman spider which does have a tendency to invade the home especially during the summer months.

Wasps and Bees

Paper wasps, European wasps, sawflies and honey bees often do invade the home and as a result can be a nuisance. Although sawflies are harmless, the rest can give you a nasty sting, especially when agitated or under threat, so it’s good to know that they can be kept at bay by a trusty insect screen.

Mosquitoes, midges and sand flies

These are probably the most loathsome of insects simply because they can attack without any provocation. As a result it’s a pretty miserable experience when they enter your home, especially at night. Most insect screens (ours included) are fine enough to stop even the tiniest of midges from entering your home and sinking their teeth into your juicy skin. As a result you can rest assured that you’re going to get a sound night’s sleep without being plagued by groups of midges, sand flies and mosquitoes, all looking for a tasty snack.


Finally, the fly! They may not be particularly harmful in the way that a mosquito or Huntsman spider is harmful, but they are a real nuisance and besides, they do pose a health risk, especially when they come into contact with food. Our insect screens are also perfect to ensure that businesses comply with relevant food safety regulations.

So there you have it, the insect screen is more than just a ‘fly screen’ and many people who have them installed feel confident that they can open their doors and windows once again, without the fear of letting in any annoying and unwanted pests.

If you’re fed up with unwanted guests entering your home and are thinking about installing an insect or security screen then give the experts a call here at Down Under Insect And Security Screens. Contact us on 07 3807 3355 to see just how we can help you today.


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