What To Look For When Selecting The Right Insect Screening For Your Windows And Doors

insect-screen-DownUnderYou’d think that choosing a set of insect screens for your home would be a relatively simple and straight forward process. The issue is that there are a multitude of different options and styles available to you which range from standard fixed and porthole, through to slider, retractable and drop screens. As a result, unless you know a thing or two about insect screens it can start to get very confusing, very quickly! With this in mind, here’s a quick explanation on what to look out for when selecting the right insect screens for you.

The basics

Insect screens are primarily simple devices that are fastened onto a window unit in order to keep insects from entering the internal areas of your home. They can be installed either on the inside or outside but ultimately it depends upon which type of window unit you have. They can be rigid (fixed), semi-fixed (removable), or retractable (move up or down).

Now you know the basics, let’s take a closer look at the screen types…

Standard fixed

These are screens which once fitted cannot easily be removed. They’re usually made from powder-coated aluminium and are by far the most common type of screening in Australia. They can also be made from timber but both styles contain a fibre-glass mesh infill which keeps the insects at bay. The infill itself can also vary in strength ranging from relatively flimsy to exceptionally strong. Ultimately this will have an effect on the price. Standard fixed screening is ideal for sliding windows (both small and large) and varieties of double-hung windows.


These are very similar to the standard fixed variety except as the name suggests they have a porthole access contained within the mesh infill. These are ideal for awning-type windows in addition to small to large casement windows.


Constructed mainly for doors they’re moveable screens that fit onto the door sill with rollers so that they can be slid backwards and forwards.


Used mainly on large windows and door openings, they can be installed in ether a horizontal or vertical format. Designed to retract up into the casing when not in use they provide great flexibility.

Drop screens

Ideal for households that see a constant traffic stream through windows and door openings. However, because they remain open much of the time, they’re not 100% effective in keeping bugs out. That said, they are very easy to install and to use. They’re also perfect for use on all door types and in larger window openings.


These are a relatively new concept to the market and consist of a magnetic strip frame with fibre-glass mesh infill. They’re exceptionally easy to remove and put up, but they do need to be replaced twice yearly to ensure that their magnetic properties last.

Now you’ve had a chance to ponder the choices available, you can start to make an informed decision. Just remember if your windows are a standard size, then your screens shouldn’t be too expensive. However if your windows are custom made, then so too will your screens have to be, and this is when the costs can soon mount up.

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