What Should I Look For When Considering A Security Screen Door?

Security screen doorIf you’re considering investing in a security screen door for your home there are certain factors that you might want to take into consideration. With this in mind, here’s what you need to know before you go ahead and part with your hard earned cash.

Type of material

Security doors can be made from a variety of materials including aluminium, metal alloy, and of course, steel. Each of these materials can be made strong enough to function as a security door. However it’s worth noting that because steel is stronger, aluminium and metal alloy frames have to be made wider in order to gain the necessary strength.


The mounting

Both flush mounted and tube frame mountings provide sufficient security. However if you’re after a natural look, then flush mounting is the way to go. It provides a better seal because there isn’t a visible gap around the opening. Alternatively if you decide to mount the screen on a door frame be aware that it will stick out around 2-3 cms from the door.

Keeping insects at bay

When purchasing a security door it pays to know how your door is going to keep out those pesky insects and more importantly which ones. The good news is that most insects from mosquitoes to Scorpios can be kept at bay by a decent security door. Many companies will use foam tape in a ‘peel and stick’ format to create a seal around the screen itself. Although very good, be mindful that it can be prone to hardening and cracking, especially in extreme dry weather. This being the case, then it needs to be replaced every couple of years or sooner. Other companies tend to use a felt strip to seal the door. This isn’t prone to wear and tear and lasts a lot longer.


The finish

You might want to think twice about painted doors as these have a tendency to crack and flake after a while giving you yet another maintenance job. Alternatively those that are powder coated create a hard finish that is far tougher than paint. As such it lasts a lot longer meaning your door will stay looking like new.


Finally – the warranty

It’s worth knowing what type of guarantee or warranty comes with the door. A good company will give you ten years or more. Additionally you might want to find answers to questions such as “Is there any guarantee in case the house starts to settle and the door becomes misaligned? What do I do if I suffer a break-in? What about the parts? Are the handles, hinges and mountings also guaranteed against reasonable wear and tear?

So there you have it, everything you need to know before investing in a security screen door!

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