What Do I Look For When Buying A Security Screen Door?

which security screen door to chooseWhen considering installing a new security door onto your property, there are a number of factors you need to think about. It isn’t as easy as simply picking one off the shelf and securing it onto your door frame. Instead you need to factor in door mountings, the type of metal framing you need, and even how the metal should be protected. So without further ado, here’s what you need to know.

Steel, aluminium, or metal alloy?

The vast majority of security doors are fashioned from these three materials and each one can be made as strong as you need it to be. That said, Aluminium and metal alloy is naturally weaker than steel so if you want your security door made from these materials then be aware that the door frames will need to be made wider in order to make up for the level of strength needed. For comparison, a steel frame which is approximately 7cms in width will need to be around 15cms if constructed from aluminium or metal alloy.

Aluminium doors will never rust so they’re hassle-free. However they are significantly more expensive to buy. Conversely steel doors are cheaper, but they will need to be re-painted or powder coated every 8-10 years depending upon exposure to the elements.

Flush mounted or tube framed door mountings?

Both tube-mounted and flush-mounted installations provide adequate security for home use, however if it’s a natural aesthetic look you’re after, then you might want to opt for the flush-mounted security door. Conversely tube-mounted installations are generally easier to fit but do bear in mind that they will stick out around 3cms from the door opening.

Insect screening – felt strips or peel and stick foam?

All security doors made for home use will keep out the vast majority of insects. However it’s how companies fix the screening to the door that might affect your purchasing choice. Some manufacturers for example use peel and stick foam to keep their meshing in place. The problem is that over time the foam hardens and cracks and therefore will need replacing about once a year. Conversely other companies use felt strips. These have a tendency to last and need little or no maintenance whatsoever.

Finally – Paint or powder coating?

Painted doors may give you a wider range of colours that stylistically may fit in better with your home. However generally speaking paint doesn’t hold up well under extreme sun and rain. In this instance a painted door may just add another maintenance issue to your growing list of jobs.

Powder coating on the other hand is applied electrostatically and as such isn’t solvent based and therefore isn’t going to flake in extreme weather conditions or with time. However the colours will be somewhat limited compared to paint.

Hopefully this has given you a whole host of other factors to consider so that you can now go ahead and purchase the perfect screen door for your needs. At Down Under Screens and Security we’ve been in the industry for many years and as such have the skills and the experience to fit your security doors for you. For a hassle-free experience why not contact us on 07 3807 3355 and let us give you a quote. We’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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