What Are Your Security Doors Made Of?

stainless steel security doorAny material used in the manufacture of a security door not only has to look like you have a solid, well- made door, but in addition it actually has to do the job of protecting your property from intruders. This means not only does it have to ‘talk the talk’ it has to ‘walk’ the walk too. While it’s true that all security doors are designed to be stronger than a standard door, some are better than others.

The material of choice for most security screen doors is usually steel, aluminium, or a metal alloy. As a general rule of thumb, aluminium and metal alloy doors are weaker than stainless steel. Therefore in order to get the same sort of protection the frames will have to be made wider. To put this into perspective, in order to have the same sort of protection as a stainless steel door, the framework of an aluminium or metal alloy door needs to be around 6 inches wide, compared to just 2-3 inches for a stainless steel door. This is something to bear in mind when thinking about security door aesthetics.


What about costs?

Aluminium doors won’t rust but can often be significantly more expensive. If stainless steel doors are properly treated and powder coated, then they will stay rust-free for anything up to 10-12 years. When they do start showing signs of rust, then it’s time to get them rubbed down and re-treated.

What about galvanised doors?

Many companies manufacture and sell stainless steel galvanised doors. The galvanisation process is a great way of protecting the metal underneath as it coats it in a thin layer of zinc alloy. On the whole they offer some great protection from the elements and general wear and tear. However zinc reacts with salt, so if you live anywhere near the sea, you may find your galvanised doors starting to rust after a period of time making them less secure. For ocean-side dwellers a powder coated stainless steel door is probably your best option.


Modern day security doors

The good news is that the days of security doors resembling huge prison gates is gone. Nowadays doors can be manufactured in some seriously decorative ways, while still providing the strength and of course security that any good door of this type needs.

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