Uncovering The 7 Mistakes Buyers Make When Purchasing Retractable Inset Screens

Retractable insect screenIf you live in or around the Brisbane area you’ll know that mosquitoes are out and about not just during the summer months but all year round. As such there’s a great need for insect screening, particularly the retractable variety. The trouble is that buying such a screen is fraught with pitfalls that can cost you more money in the long term. With this in mind, here are 7 mistakes you really need to avoid.

Mistake 1 – Insufficient research

Believe it or retractable insect screens are a relatively new concept in Australia and as such most potential buyers aren’t aware of the number of options open to them and the problems that could arise by purchasing the wrong screen. Therefore to avoid this mistake, do your homework first.


Mistake 2 – Purchasing screens not fit for purpose

Just as doors and windows come in many different sizes and configurations, so do retractable screens. Some are better suited to certain window configurations than others, so make sure before you part with your hard-earned cash that the screen you buy matches your needs.

Mistake 3 – Buying DIY retractable screens

In order to cut costs some companies sell retractable screens that you have to cut and assemble yourself. While it may save you money in the short term, cutting and assembling a retractable insect screen to fit perfectly flush with your windows is a skilled job and unless you know exactly what you’re doing, it could end up costing you a lot more in the long-term. Instead it pays to stump up the extra cash and buy a fully assembled, ready to install version.


Mistake 4 – Thinking that they are easy to install

This kind of goes hand in hand with mistake No. 3 and although they are in principle relatively easy to install, most problem installations normally come about because of the opening and not the screen itself, so if you aren’t exactly Mr DIY, then you might want to leave it to the experts.


Mistake 5 – Assuming that because it’s the right size it will fit any window or door

In a word, no it won’t! The correct screen needs to fit the right type of window or door opening, so it pays to consult with an expert who will give you the right advice you need.


Mistake 6 –   Forget about ongoing care and maintenance

Retractable screens just like any form of insect screening requires regular cleaning and keeping it free from dust and dirt. Any build up is likely to hinder the motor useless. As a result be prepared to give your retractable screen a good service at least once a year.

Mistake 7 – Buy it for the wrong purpose

Some people make the mistake of assuming that a retractable insect screen is also a blind, a windbreak or a window shade when they aren’t. They aren’t designed to offer  any form of heavy security and they do have limitations on their use.

If you can get past these mistakes you’ll end up with a cost effective retractable insect screen that’s sure to give you hours of comfort away from invasive pests.

To find our more about whether a retractable insect screen is for you then contact Down Under Screens and Security. We have a wide range of insect screens and security screens in stock including the retractable variety so why not check out our website at www.downunderscreens.com.au or contact us directly on 07 3807 3355 for further details.

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