Top Tips On Maintaining Retractable Insect Screens

retractable insect screensRetractable insect screens are a brilliant way to keep out those unwanted bugs providing protection when you demand it and retracting conveniently into a housing when you don’t want a screen. They allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without being bothered by troublesome bugs. The fine mesh allows the air to flow freely, leaving you to enjoy the view and remain bug free without the use of chemicals.

Anti-glare and sun shading is also a benefit of retractable screening. The mesh reduces the power of the sun and also helps heat up the room in winter, while stopping your soft furnishings from fading, making them a perfect choice for conservatories and sun rooms. Our retractable screens are also beautifully engineered and built to last. Sleek and sophisticated they blend seamlessly into your décor.

Here at Down Under Insect Screens and Security we’re often asked by our customers how to maintain and care for their retractable screens, particularly when the weather starts to cool down and homeowners are looking to store away their patio furniture and outdoor furnishings. The good news is that a retractable screen retracts into its housing when it’s not in use and not only does this keep it clean but it also stops the elements from damaging it.

That said, we do recommend that customers follow the tips below to protect their investment and to get long term enjoyment from their purchase.

  • Regularly clean the bottom track of the screen to keep it free from pet hair, gravel, and other debris. You can do this with a soft broom or the pointed nozzle of your vacuum cleaner.
  • On an annual basis clean the tracks, housing, and mesh using warm soapy water and a clean soft cloth.
  • Once the annual clean has been completed lubricate the tracks by spraying with a good quality silicone spray.
  • Introduce your pets to the screen and get them to respect it as they should all of your household furniture
  • When the screen is not in use be sure to retract it into its housing for protection.

As a rule of thumb we would recommend that your screen is retracted and stored in its housing should the wind pick up. Retractable screens are not intended to serve as wind breaks and can get damaged if the wind is particularly strong. Remember also that they do not offer any form of security.

If you’d like to know more about the various retractable screens that we supply then please give us a call on 07 3807 3355 and we’d be delighted to discuss your options and provide you with a free quote.

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