Top Tips On Choosing New Wardrobe Doors

Bedrooom wardrobe doorsYou’ll be surprised at what a difference a new set of wardrobe doors can make to the appearance of your bedroom. Modern sliding doors can hide a multitude of clutter behind them and create a look that is streamlined and elegant.

The purpose of wardrobe doors

Wardrobe doors aren’t just about aesthetics they’re also there to serve a purpose and that’s to keep your clothes and other possessions clean and free from dust and to offer protection from the strong UV rays which can bleach fabric over time. They also hide lots of small items which if left out on display could make your room appear very cluttered. A wardrobe door, therefore, needs to be stylish, lightweight, and easy to open and close.

What qualities should a wardrobe door possess?

A wardrobe door needs to fit well so that it stays permanently closed when you shut it and yet is easy to open in order to access the contents. In addition some ventilation would be good so that it doesn’t get stuffy inside, and it shouldn’t let any light in when the doors are shut.

Wardrobe doors also need to match the décor of the room and complement the style of the rest of your house. Since they probably take up most of the space in your bedroom, then they need to be easy on the eye and tasteful. Understated materials and soft pastel shades will make your room appear larger, for example, than heavy dark wood doors which make the room appear to close in on itself.

What sort of doors are suitable?

Sliding doors are one of the most popular types of wardrobe doors simply because they take up less space and often allow for easier accessibility. However, bi-fold or hinged doors an also be used if there is sufficient space to allow it.

People often like their doors to be mirrored since these also reflect the light, making your room appear brighter and more spacious. There’s also the bonus of not needing a separate mirror to check out how you look in a new outfit. If you have multiple doors then you may prefer to have just one door mirrored. Other options are louvred doors which keep the light out if they’re angled downwards, and also allow the air to circulate more freely around the wardrobe.

Here at Down Under we can design and fit wardrobe doors to your exacting needs. Whether you’re after traditional wardrobe doors or something more contemporary, come and have a chat with us to discuss your ideas. Please call us on 07 3807 3355 to see how we can help you

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