Top Reasons To Purchase Bi-Fold Doors For Your Property

bi-fold-doorsBi-fold doors have grown enormously in the popularity stakes and are a brilliant way of bringing the outdoors in and of enjoying the view of your garden or countryside. If you’re going to choose bi-fold doors then you need to think on a large scale. Quite different to French Doors or Patio doors, bi-folds are made up of three or more doors which, depending on whether they open to the side or in the middle, fold in a concertina fashion so that they sit flat against a wall or walls.

There’s no denying they look most spectacular when they span an entire wall and on a lovely day you can open them right up to create the most amazing entertaining space. So that said, let’s take a look at other reasons to consider having bi-fold doors installed at your property:

Reduced upkeep and cleaning
Bi-folds are low maintenance and need nothing more than a wipe with a damp cloth over the frames to keep them looking clean and fresh. It’s also a good idea to check the runners are free from any grit or dust particles, since if these get into the track they can interfere with or damage the sliding mechanism.

Makes better use of a room
Bi-fold doors can transform a room and give it a whole new purpose. A dining room can be made into a year round entertaining space since the glass will keep the heat in the room during the colder months and prevent it from over heating in the summer.

Saves space
Due to the way that bi-fold doors fold back on themselves you can make better use of limited space than with patio doors for example. You can also choose an internal or external stack depending on the layout of your room. An internal stack creates the fold against walls inside of the room whereas an external stack allows the doors to fold outside.

Modernise and add value
Bi-fold doors are visually appealing to a wider audience and can modernise an older style property and add value to the home when you come to sell. We manufacture bi-folds in powder coated aluminium which is totally rustproof and comes in a variety of stunning shades to add distinction to your property and make a focal feature of your doors.

Improved energy efficiency
Although you have a much larger glazed area modern bi-fold doors can improve thermal efficiency when compared to your previous old windows and doors. If your doors are placed on a south facing wall then you can have them fitted with glass that reduces any chance of over heating.

Here at Down Under we can design a door and window concept which will give your property a facelift and enable you to enjoy your living/outdoor space even more. Why not contact us on 07 3807 3355 to see just how can can help you.

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