Three or Four Season Patio Enclosures – Which Is Best For You?

Season Sun RoomThere’s no denying that any type of patio enclosure is a great home investment. They add additional space to your home while at the same time, bringing the beauty of the outdoors in. The newly enclosed space is perfect for that quiet morning cup of coffee before taking on the stresses and strains of the day; or for entertaining with friends and family on a balmy summers evening. That said, there are two main types of patio enclosure known as three and four season (or all year round) enclosures. Ultimately the hardest decision to make when you’re considering having a patio enclosure installed is the type you should choose?

In order to help you decide, we’ve put this blog post together to give you a helping hand.

Typically as the name suggests three-season patio enclosures aren’t typically used in winter particularly the further south you are, however if this wasn’t a particular deal breaker anyway then it’s worth comparing the two types further.


In general terms a 3-season patio enclosure is usually considerably cheaper as they are often covered with fly screen mesh held in place by an aluminium or steel framework. They can also be covered with glass, but for obvious reasons this makes it more pricey. With screen meshing, enjoyment is usually curtailed to good weather and cleaning or washing enclosure screening is often a more complicated and time consuming process than glass would be.


The material of choice in 4-season (all year round) patio enclosures is usually glass. Although 3 season glass enclosures are usually single pane 4-season glass requires it to be tempered and energy efficient and sometimes double glazed. In addition the walls, roof, and floor might also need to be insulated allowing you to use it in comfort during the coldest winter months.

Adding value

4-season patio enclosures are in effect whole new rooms and as such, depending upon the size can add some serious value to your property. Conversely, 3-season enclosures can be considered more temporary and although they might entice buyers if you’re looking to sell, they don’t normally add considerable value.

To sum up

If you’re on a budget and and more than happy not to use the patio space during the colder winter months then a 3-season screen mesh, or glass patio enclosure might be a good option. However if you’re looking for maximum use and long-term maximum gain, then the more expensive 4-season enclosure is probably the better choice.

If you’re seriously considering a 3-season patio enclosure then you might want to speak to Down Under Insect Screens and Security. We can design, make, and install a variety of enclosures to suit your exacting needs. Why not set the ball rolling by contacting us today on 07 3807 3355 for  free, no-obligation quote.

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