Steel Security Doors Don’t Have To Be Boring

decorative steel security doorThere’s something undoubtedly regal about a grand doorway on a home. It has the ability to offer an immediate visual stimulus that offers a real wow factor. And that’s even before a person has set foot inside your home. However what about those who for whatever reason are in need of added security? You mightn’t think that heavy duty security doors can offer those same visions of grandeur and wow! But you’d most definitely be wrong and here’s why.

A combination of strength and beauty

Steel is a flexible material that’s also incredibly strong. For this reason it’s ideal for use as a decorative security door. It can be cut moulded and turned to form intricate shapes and scroll patterns. However it’s also extremely durable and can outlast many other forms of door material.

It’s easily weather-proofed

Unlike heavy wooden security doors which have to be continually varnished to keep them looking like new, steel security doors can easily be protected from the elements. By utilising a number of treatments including waterproof paint, powder coating, and solvent free rust inhibitors they can be applied at source and once they’re on, that’s it. You never have to touch them again. This means that they’ll stay looking like new for many years to come.

Vast array of  steel colours

We all know that wood can easily be coloured or painted, but so can stainless steel. Nowadays there are some fantastic metallic paints on the market that can really give your decorative steel security door that wow factor. Why not paint it in keeping with the interior of your home, or go for that rich stand out colour that will turn the heads of anyone walking up your drive. Alternatively how about powder coating? Powder coating offers great protection from the elements but in addition there are a vast array of colours to choose from. Whether it’s a deep crimson, a duck-egg blue, or an olive green the only limits are your imagination.

Get creative

With a wooden door creativity is often limited. Obviously you can paint it or stain it, but as far as altering the physical aspect of the door it can be hard. With a steel door, you can be as decorative and creative as you like. Scrolls, swirls, decorative flowers, even your initials can all be paced into a steel security door, so if you have a creative side or have some specific design ideas and want to unleash them, then a steel security door is the perfect vehicle for expression.

At Down Under Screens and Security, as well as fitting insect screening we also supply and fit decorative heavy duty security doors. If you’d like to feel that little bit safer without ruining your kerbside appeal then why not contact to see just how we can help. For a no obligation competitive quote call  07 3807 3355 today and put us to the test.

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