Should I Choose Steel Or Aluminium Frames For My Sliding Wardrobe Doors?

sliding wardrobe doorsMore often than not one of the questions we get asked is what are the differences between steel and aluminium frames on your sliding doors. Here’s a brief guide to explain the differences.

The manufacturing processes

Most steel frames are also known as rolled frames. In essence they start life as a flat sheet of steel which is then bent or rolled to create the final frame profile. Conversely an aluminium frame is manufactured using the extrusion method. This is where the aluminium is either drawn or pushed through a die under great pressure to achieve the final results.

The construction of the sliding wardrobe door

When the steel has been bent or rolled it develops a unique springiness which is utilised in the door construction. The door panel is inserted into the steel frame which in turn grips and holds the panel in place. This doesn’t effect the integrity of the door because much of the strength comes from the door panels themselves.

Conversely the aluminium frame is rigid and has to be screwed together. One advantage of this is that aluminium framing allows for more complex designs. They can also be constructed so that they have a door panel on each side, which makes them ideal for room dividers. Finally aluminium frames can be used in damp environments such as bathrooms or kitchens because of their rust-free nature.

Bottom and top wheels

Generally speaking aluminium frames have their running gear integrated into both the top and bottom of the framing. On the flip side steel framed wardrobe doors have their running gear positioned at the back. Both carry out exactly the same function, but the only real difference would be a visual one where if you were to look inside a steel framed wardrobe, then you’d still be able to see the top wheels attached to the doors.

So which should you opt for?

As explained both stainless steel and aluminium sliding wardrobe frames carry out the same function. However if you were to make a choice based on pricing alone then due to the manufacturing process, the aluminium doors are more costly. If the doors are for your main bedroom and are going to be used every night then you might want to splash out on the softer closing aluminium framed variety. However if the wardrobe door is for a spare room that gets used infrequently, then from a cost perspective you might want to opt for steel.

Whatever frame you choose, here at Down Under Screens, we don’t just keep your insects out we also have a wide range of stunning wardrobe doors to choose from. Contact us on 07 3807 3355 to see what we have to offer. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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