Protecting Your Security Screen Warranty Cover

warrantyPurchasing a quality security screen from a reliable contractor doesn’t come cheap and for this reason the majority of reputable security screen companies will offer some type of warranty cover not usually less than 12 months. This means that for at least up to 12 months after purchase, any screens, doors or patio enclosures found to be faulty are usually either repaired or replaced, free of charge. That said, there are exceptions to this rule, so to make sure that you don’t fall short of a warranty claim that won’t pay out, you might want to read on.


Don’t misuse the product or use it in a purpose that it wasn’t intended for! For instance, if you have a security screen then don’t try to change the locking mechanisms. Alternatively don’t try to make them more secure by adding extra steel panel sheeting as this generally invalidates any warranty, Remember these things are designed to ward off even the most keenest of intruders and will do exactly this, so always keep the original parts intact and use it in the way that it was supposed to be used.

Care and maintenance

Just like any product, security screens, doors and patio enclosures need to be cared for in order to last. Therefore although they don’t need a lot of maintenance they do need a minimal amount. For example powder coated surfaces will need to be washed down from time to time with a mild cleansing solution to prevent the build up of dirt, grime, salt deposits, and insect mater to extend the life of your product. How often you should clean them depends on your environment. For example, those in a rural environment away from the coast and away from most urban activity should look at cleaning every 6 months. Alternatively for those people who live in a moderate urban environment but are away from the coast and heavy industry should look to carry out maintenance every 3 months or so. Finally, for those who live within 15 kms of the coast and /or are near salt deposits, or industrial activity, should adopt a monthly cleaning routine.

Always keep receipts

There’s nothing worse than to find out you’ve got a faulty security screen or door and to have followed all regular cleaning and maintenance only to find out that you’ve lost the receipt. This is your proof of purchase and although some companies may waiver this fact that you don’t have it, some other companies (especially if they were taking things to the letter of the law) won’t. Therefore to nip any problems in the bud before they even occur, keep your proof of purchase in a safe place. Not too safe that you can’t remember where you’ve put it though!

Here at Down Under Screens we provide all our customers with a 12 month warranty and this is often in addition to the manufacturers warranty that you get. To find out what we have in stock, visit our website and scroll through the products page. Alternatively, you can call us on 07 3807 3355 if you have a question about warranty or would like a free, no-obligation quote.


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