Preventing Scary Shower Screen Accidents Using These Three Tips

shower glass breakingThere’s no getting away from the fact that a glass shower screen is a beautiful, elegant addition to any bathroom and from a practical perspective it’s a lot less hassle than your typical shower curtain. However there’s always the added danger that because it’s glass, it could shatter.

Glass shower screens can be dangerous – as a freak accident proved when a shattered shower screen took a young man’s life in Singapore recently. Following an impact they can break. The trouble is that when they do break it happens at lightening speed (1/1000th of a second). Given this scenario if we’re lucky we’ll escape with minor injuries but in worse case scenarios, shower screen accidents can result in disfigurement or worse still death. With this in mind, how can we add that wow factor to our bathroom while preventing unwanted tragedies?


Pick the right glass

If practicality is anything to go by then you should go for shower screens made from tempered glass. This type of glass is around 4 times the strength of standard glass and even when it does shatter it won’t do so in shards. Instead it’s designed to shatter in small round fragments.

A step up from tempered glass is tempered laminated glass. This is made by sandwiching several layers of tempered glass in between layers of bonding agent known as PVB. It’s more expensive and not commonly found in homes, but it’s widely available and what’s more you can’t really put a price on safety.

Have an understanding of why glass breaks

We all know that glass can break on impact but did you also know that glass can shatter of its own accord? Spontaneous breakage is due to the many contaminants and impurities contained within glass. These impurities become unstable over time and can suddenly cause the glass to shatter without any warning. Unfortunately this can’t be prevented, however to make it safe for you and your family you need to…

Use security film  

Specialist film can be applied to existing glass panels in order to provide shatter resistance. Even if the unfortunate happens and the shower screen does shatter it contains the glass reducing the possibility of injury.

If you’re thinking of fitting a glass shower screen to jazz up your bathroom then you might want to speak to Down Under Screens And Security. Why not visit our website at or alternatively contact us on 07 3807 3355 to see just how we can help you.

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