Patio Enclosures- What Are They And How Can They Help

screen-patio-pool-enclosure-300x224Isn’t it just typical! The one period of the year when we really want to embrace the great outdoors is during the summer. With long days and endless wall-to-wall sunshine it’s the perfect time for entertaining friends, firing up the BBQ, or just chilling with a glass of something cold. The problem is that when it comes to a bit of ‘summer loving’ then so do to the insects. So rather than enjoying a spot of al-fresco dining you instead spend the majority of the time fighting off a plague of unwanted insects. The goods news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. With a patio enclosure, you can have the best of both worlds.

Many patio enclosures utilise ‘Secure View’ screening. Meaning that virtually any size of space or area can be screened off or enclosed. As well as giving a feeling of bringing the outside in it also keeps all unwanted insects out leaving you to enjoy your outdoor space, except now it’s insect free!

That said there are other benefits that a good quality patio enclosure can bring. For instance they have the ability to filter the light by blocking out any strong UV rays of the sun which have been known to cause certain cancers. So from a health perspective a patio enclosure is a good idea. It also means that you get all the benefits of being outdoors without feeling the uncomfortable glare of the sun through fully enclosed glass windows and doors. In addition it also means that your patio furniture lasts longer as the anti glare protects upholstery and frames from fading and perishing. The other main benefit of a patio enclosure is that all it takes to keep the framework clean is a simple dust with a soft brush. Just imagine having to clean the same area full of windows and doors. It’s a time consuming job that doesn’t bare thinking about! Finally patio enclosures using Secure View screening give you endless configurations, so you really can create your own unique space.

Here at Down Under Insect Screens and Security we’ve been fitting patio enclosures to the residences of Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs for many years, so we certainly have the experience to erect just about any design Whether you want it as a seamless extension to your property, or something completely stand-out and unique, why not leave it to the professionals? Call us on 07 3807 3355 for a competitive quote.


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