Patio Enclosures – Doing More Than just Keeping Out Insects

Patio enclosureAs the summer’s in full swing many people are now enjoying their patio areas and particularly, the virtues of a patio enclosure. Being fully enclosed means that they can relax and unwind, entertain and dine al-fresco, without getting plagued by unwanted insects. That said patio enclosures do a lot more than simply keep out unwanted mosquitoes, flies, and wasps, they also have a number of other benefits too.


Aesthetically pleasing

A quality patio enclosure has the ability to transform what could otherwise be a drab and boring patio into a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing extension to your home. They’re available in a wide variety of styles, designs, and materials to match and even enhance the beauty of your home. From glass, aluminium mesh, and pet-proof mesh to fully customisable doors and frames, your enclosure can be as beautiful as you want it to be.

Maximising patio use

If in the past you’ve been plagued by attacks from hungry mosquitoes as soon as you’ve fired up the barbecue, or have spent most of your time trying to swat away countless flies rather than chilling out in your relaxer chair, then understandably you might be put off from using your patio as much as you’d like. With a fully enclosed patio this all changes. Now you can barbecue till your heart’s content or take it easy by simply relaxing in your favourite garden chair, safe in the knowledge that you aren’t going to come under attack from any unwanted guests. What’s more even in slightly cooler weather patio enclosures have the ability to trap heat in so you can use your outside space for longer.

Prevent outside glare

Many patio screens, particularly the mesh variety, have a built in anti-glare which means that you don’t experience that annoying dazzle effect that you might if you had say a traditional glass conservatory. Patio enclosures also offer better UV protection against the sun and in some cases can block up to 80% of the suns harmful rays, making them an all round safer environment in which to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.

Increases living space

When you have a patio enclosure fitted you are in effect building an extension to your home. By enclosing the area it makes it a more usable space for entertaining friends, simply relaxing after a hard day at work, or turning it into a family dining area during the summer months. For this reason a patio enclosure is perfect for those with larger families who could benefit from the extra space created.

Adds value

We’ve already mentioned that a quality patio enclosure is aesthetically pleasing, but did you know that it can also add value to your property? They can be a great investment that helps to improve both ventilation and lighting and is something that potential buyers in years to come will really appreciate.

If you’ve been considering a patio enclosure for your outside space then look no further than Down Under Screens and Security. We’ve been fitting insect screens, security doors, and patio enclosures for many years, so why not call us on 07 3807 3355 for a free, no-obligation quote. We’re confident that you won’t be disappointed.


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