Just How Secure Are Your Windows And Doors?

Security-screen-doorsLike many people you might be under the impression that your home and belongings are safe and sound behind locked doors and windows. However when you consider that most property break-ins occur when a burglar smashes a window or breaks the door, you might want to think again. The truth is that the majority of burglaries (around 80%) are carried out by gaining access through poorly secured windows and doors. Therefore if you do want to improve your home security you might want to consider these three points.

Most burglars are opportunists

The majority of household burglaries aren’t planned as such many burglars are looking for opportunities. Therefore if an open window or door presents itself to them, it’s likely that they’re going to take it. That said, most burglars are also very adept at quickly spotting any frailties in locked windows and doors and as such they’re more than likely to exploit them.

Dead bolts no problem for a persistent burglar?

A determined burglar isn’t likely to be put off by a dead-bolt either. Most have the skills and the know-how to pry open any dead-bolted door if the prize inside is great enough.

Poorly maintained doors and windows are a liability

We’ve already stated that most burglars are opportunist thieves who pounce when the moment and the opportunity feel right. One such giveaway is when a thief spots poorly maintained doors and windows. Cracked windows and rusted or corroded frames are easily exploited by any half-decent burglar and as such makes it very easy to gain entry into your home.

So what can you do?

How about fitting security doors and windows? These days security doors and windows are a far cry from the large metal monstrosities of old. Nowadays they come in a wide variety of shapes, designs, and even colours which will only serve to enhance your home. From colonial grille-style castings through to decorative but equally strong doors and windows you can pick and choose the design and style to suit your needs. Finally 7mm diamond aluminium security mesh is high tensile and virtually prowler proof.

If you would like to find out more about how you can improve your home security by fitting security windows and doors, then speak to Down Under Insect Screens and Security. Collectively, we have over 145 years in the industry and over the years have fitted countless doors, screens, and patio enclosures to a wide variety of commercial and residential customers. To ask for a free quote or to demonstrate just what we can do for you contact us on 07 3807 3355 and speak to our experienced and friendly team today.


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