Jazz Up Your Bedroom With A New Wardrobe Door!

sliding-wardrobe-door-300x207A wardrobe is likely to be the most practical piece of furniture in your bedroom and for many it might even be the focal point. The problem is that a well-made wardrobe capable of storing all your clothes, shoes and much more besides, usually doesn’t come cheap. So what do you do when it either no longer fits in with your décor, or you’re simply bored with the look of it? The answer….give it a door makeover.

Doors galore!

If you think you’re going to be limited for choice when it comes to wardrobe door replacement then you might want to think again. Neutral plain or flat doors for example will fit in with most designs and styles and will look great painted depending upon your tastes or indeed, how creative you are. Tongue ‘n’ groove, panel doors and ‘V’ joint concertina doors can also add a touch of style in their own unique way, but if you really want to make a statement, then how about glass sliding doors.

Giving you more space

if you have the standard ‘open out’ wardrobe doors but have a fairly small room where space is a premium, then why not look at installing sliding or V shaped doors instead. The considerable space they’ll save means that your room won’t look quite so ‘bijou’. If you’re hankering after sleek sliding doors, then it might be best to opt for roller bearings at both the bottom and the top for that effortless movement.

Fitting them yourself

Jazzing up your old wardrobe by replacing your wardrobe doors doesn’t have to be expensive especially if you’re looking to fit or hang them yourself. It’s a relatively easy process and one that requires only the minimum of DIY ability. As long as you have a spirit level, a pencil, a screwdriver, some time and a smattering of know how then it can be done in a couple of hours or so. Conversely if you avoid DIY like the plague, or you simply don’t have the time, then there are plenty of companies out there who (for a fee) will fit them for you.

At Down Under Insect Screens And Security, supplying and fitting screens and doors is what we do best. So why not let us come to your home to give you a free, no-obligation measure and quote. This way you can decide whether it’s a viable option. To get the ball rolling act now and contact us on 07 3807 3355 today.


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