Jazz Up Your Bathroom With A Beautiful Glass Shower Screen

Glass Shower ScreenIf your bathroom is looking a bit tired, jaded and limp then it could probably do with a makeover. The trouble is that even if you have the skills, know how and time to turn your shabby bathroom into a luxurious haven of peace and tranquility, it’s going to cost you money and this usually means… a great deal of it. But what about if you’re on a tight budget, how can you give your bathroom that all important wow factor without it costing you a small fortune? The answer… install a glass shower screen.

Glass shower screens aren’t particularly cheap, but what you get in return for your investment is something that offers elegance, style and beauty and can give your bathroom that sophisticated, fresh look that it just might need. They’re also extremely long lasting, easy to keep clean and they come in a a multitude of designs. In addition, aside from aesthetics and style, they offer up a whole host of practical options too. Let’s take a look.

Say adios to mould

If you’ve got a shower curtain, then you’ve probably had or got mould. Not only does it look unsightly it’s really difficult to remove. How often have you had to take a morning out of your busy schedule to scrape dry soap and mould off your plastic curtain before you receive any guests. Well the good news is that with a glass shower screen, mould really is a thing of the past. A quick spray of multi-purpose cleaner and a wipe down with a dry lint-free cloth is all it takes to keep your glass shower screen gleaming.

Gives the room a spacious look and feel

One thing glass shower screens are particularly good at doing is to give the illusion of more space. They illuminate light so your dark bathroom immediately appears brighter; and secondly glass enclosures or screens have the ability to separate your bath and toilet in a stunning and seamless way making the room feel naturally spacious. This means that they’re great for small spaces.

They’re safer

Finally, we all know about the dangers that shower curtains pose to young children, especially when they try to grab hold of it when in the bath. As a glass shower screen is a rigid structure then there really is no problem. In addition a glass shower screen is made using super-toughened glass so it won’t shatter, giving parents of young-children total and complete peace-of-mind.

If you really do want to jazz up your bathroom then a glass shower screen is a smart investment. Here at Down Under Insect Screens and Security we also supply and fit top quality glass shower screens so feel free to check out our website or give us a call on 07 3807 3355 to see just how we can help.


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