Is It Really Worth The Hassle Of Installing Your Own Insect Screen?

Problems-with-DIYIf you’ve been considering installing an insect screen on your property then we understand some of the thought processes that might have taken place. Thoughts such as “Can we really afford their prices, it would be cheaper to do it ourselves”, or “I’m not bad at DIY. Installing an insect screen can’t be that difficult.”

Ok, we really do see where you’re coming from, but perhaps you should give it just a little more thought before plunging ahead and committing to a DIY project which could cause quite a few cross words with her indoors.

Retractable insect screens could be described as being similar to a roller blind. Usually on a window they roll up and down and on a door they normally retract from one side to the other. It doesn’t sound too difficult and if the opening you’re trying to fit the screen to is completely square with no bowing to the top or bottom sill, there’s no carpet or tiles to get in the way, and you quickly understand how to ensure smooth running, then yes, it’s quite simple. If this isn’t quite the case then here are some reasons why you might want to consider calling in the professionals.

How much do you value your weekends off?

Let’s face it most of the DIY tasks that you probably do around the house are little jobs that you can get done quickly and easily without having to spend time working out just how to do them. Fitting an insect screen isn’t likely to be project that you’ve tackled before so do you really want to spend your weekend away from work sitting and mapping out on paper just what materials you need and how to do it?

What if you make a mistake with the measurements?

Even an experienced DIY enthusiast can make an error when taking measurements. What are you going to do when you realise that your custom screen isn’t quite going to fit? Can you get your money back? Can it be modified and if so, by who? Will you negate the warranty if you get it modified?

Have you chosen the right screen for the purpose?

When you call on a professional to supply and install an insect screen then they visit your home and you receive the benefit of their experience and advice as to which type of screen is best suited to your home, the lifestyle you lead, and the opening that the screen is intended for. You can be confident that they will suggest the best solution.

What if you install the screen wrongly?

If you muck up, then who’s going to come to your aid? Does your supplier also offer troubleshooting advice? Do they rectify the problem free of charge?

Some products are more suited to DIYers than others. From our many years of experience insect screens are not one of them and the key to success is good installation. If the screen isn’t functioning as it should then most times it’s due to an error in installation, something has been overlooked, or it’s the wrong choice of screen for the opening.

Why put yourself through all the hassle when a quick call to us could save you time and money in the long run and give you the peace of mind that there is back up support should anything happen to your screen. Call DownUnder today on 07 3807 3355 to see just what we can do for you.

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