How to Select a Reputable Security Screen Installer


The benefits associated with having the windows and doors of a property fitted with security screens and doors are extensive. They provide you with the reassurance of feeling safe and secure within the home or protecting it from intruders when you leave it vacant. Also rather than an alarm system they cannot be as easily bypassed as they are a physical obstacle, are relatively inexpensive and will be very long-lasting. Whilst these benefits are easily understood, what can sometimes prove difficult is selecting the correct company to purchase them from and then have perform the installation correctly. These are a few of the key guidelines to consider when choosing where to get your security screens and doors from.


It is always advisable to pick a team of professionals who have been established for a considerable period of time. This will demonstrate their ability to compete with others within the market and their longevity demonstrates this. Check websites for details regarding how long they have been in business. Any company which fails to mention a period of time spent within a specific industry is likely to be new and so they have no history for you to refer to. Therefore you are taking quite a risk as to what standard of products and service you will receive.


A quality security screen and door provider should be fully certified in their field of work. Having the relevant qualifications will demonstrate that they have the necessary expertise to provide the work you would expect. You will have further reassurances that you can trust that the work is being carried out in the most competent manner and will therefore last a long time. If a company fails to provide any evidence of qualifications you simply don’t know whether or not that they can be relied upon.


Does the company you select provide warranty and if so how long is it for? Security screens and doors should have a considerable lifespan if they are of a high quality and this should be reflected in the warranty available. If a warranty is not more than 10 years you should question the standards delivered by the company. Security Screen Companies should provide a minimum of 12 months warranty on the workmanship and installation of all products installed. The Licenced products such as the Stainless steel product supplied will also carry a product warranty such as 10 years for the powder coat and metal components. A well-made product constructed from the right materials and installed professionally should be an investment for years to come.

Replacement Parts

Given the nature of their purpose, security screens can become damaged. If this is the case you would want to know that you can approach the company from which you bought them and get individual replacement parts easily. Check how long it will take them to supply these replacements as obviously you don’t want to be leaving your property exposed for any considerable period. Swift delivery of parts and a good level of aftercare will be a strong indicator of the quality of a security screen company.


Read about what materials are used on the screens and doors. There are a great many different ones being used by different companies and so you want to ensure that what you are purchasing is as good as it can be. Look for high tensile, heavy duty metals and diamond grilles being used so you can remain confident that what you are buying is fit for purpose and will last for years to come.



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