How To Incorporate Sliding Glass Doors Into Your Home

sliding-glass-door-room-divider-220x300Sliding glass doors have the ability to add a touch of beauty and style to any home, as well as the added bonus of safety and durability. More often than not they open onto patios or decking, but what they also bring is design flexibility. With this in mind, let’s take a look at other ways that you can incorporate sliding glass doors into your home.

Creating room dividers

If you’re looking to divide a large room up into smaller areas then you could go down the permanent and often more traditional route of building a stud wall. Conversely why not consider a sliding glass door to divide the room in two? Not only will it look great, but it gives you the flexibility to open up or close the space as you see fit. Even when the sliding glass door is in use, it has the ability to let loads of natural light into what could otherwise be a dark area.

Make it translucent

If you’re not a fan of standard wooden doors but still need privacy then how about attaching a translucent sliding door to your en-suite bathroom? A pocket sliding door that glides straight into the wall for example not only gives you more space, but also looks contemporary and stylish in every respect.

Jazz up your pantry, closet or wardrobe

Fed up with your old wooden doors? How about giving your closet, wardrobe or even kitchen pantry a stylish makeover with a bi-pass sliding glass door. The glass panels simply slide past and behind each other to open, so no more sticking doors. You’ll be spoilt for choice too. With a combination of etched, clear, frosted or even coloured glass, you can really give your room that all-important wow factor.

As you can see, although sliding glass doors look fabulous opening out onto a patio or deck, there is so much more that you can do with them. In fact, with a wide variety of contemporary styles and designs, the only limiting thing just may be your imagination.

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