How To Give Your Patio Enclosure That All Important End-Of Season Clean

End of season patio cleanAs the height of the summer becomes a long and distant memory, many of us are moving indoors now the colder evenings are creeping in. For three-season patio enclosure owners it means that for a few months at least your patio isn’t really going to be in use. This makes it the perfect time to give it a good clean. Cleaning isn’t just for aesthetic reasons, it can also prolong the life of your enclosure too, so it’s definitely worth doing well.  With this in mind, here are some hints and tips on what you need to do.

Screen cleaning

The vast majority of patio enclosures are made from removable aluminium steel frames with your choice of screen meshing. If you look closely you’ll probably see a wealth of tiny bugs, dust, and other residue which has collected on your mesh over the spring and summer. Firstly it’s best to try and remove the screens from the tracking so that you can get to them easier. If it’s not possible or you’d rather not, then you can leave them in the frame.  First of all get a light brush and gently brush the surface in a sweeping motion to loosen all the debris that may have become lodged. Next get a handheld vacuum, or one with a crevice attachment, and give it a gentle once-over paying particular attention to the corners. Then taking a bowl of warm soapy water and a sponge wash it down gently and then go over it again, this time with clean-non-soapy water. Finally leave to dry naturally.


The tracking

Just like your screens, tracking can catch all manner of dirt and debris that can hinder the free movement of the sliding doors. For this reason it’s important to remove all debris. One of the best ways to do this is by using your household vacuum. Just like with your screening you might want to attach the crevice tool (if you have one) to get into those tight corners. Pay particular attention to the corners and the weep holes which can get clogged up. To get rid of any excess dust, then give your tracking a wipe with a damp, then dry cloth. Finally your tracks might need lubricating so give them a good going over with a silicone (never oil-based) spray.

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