How To Get Rid Of Spiders From Your Screen Enclosure And The Surrounding Areas

getting-rid-of-spidersSpiders are an unwanted nuisance during the summer months and aside from frequenting basements, nooks and crannies they also have an affinity towards security screens. If you wake up one morning to find your screened porch area populated with spiders what should you do?
Here are some top tips…

Remove any unnecessary items
Spiders love to feel safe and secure and what better way than to hide under an item that isn’t needed or doesn’t get used. With this in mind it’s always best to remove any unused or unnecessary items from the enclosure area such as an old plant pot or old newspapers. Remember the more objects in the space, the more hiding places they’ll have.

Seal door and window sills
Spiders will try and get inside your porch area from your garden if they can, so by making sure that all gaps in the door and window frames are sealed it makes it that much more difficult for them to do so. This being the case, then they’re more than likely to look somewhere else for shelter.

Give it a good and thorough vacuum
Give the screens and the surrounding area a good vacuum with a vacuum pipe. This is important even if you don’t see spiders. The reason is that eggs can be minute in size and not easily visible to the naked eye. So to be certain, make sure you vacuum every inch.

Dust regularly
By dusting the area regularly not only will you keep it clean, you’ll also eliminate any sources of food that the spiders need to live on. Use a dusting stick or get on a ladder for those difficult to reach crevices and corners.

Eliminate the bugs, eliminate the spiders
Porch lights attract a whole host of insects including moths, flying ants and beetles, all of which are good sources of food for the spider. Therefore by switching off the lights you’re more likely to decrease the amount of visiting insects. No food for the spiders means that they’ll probably look elsewhere!

Insect repellent or citrus fruit peelings
By spraying a good quality insect repellent around the base of your patio enclosure, it’s going to eradicate most of the insects and other critters that the spider feeds on. Alternatively if you prefer more organic methods, then believe it or not, citrus peelings are a proven way to fend off spiders. Why not place a few lemon or lime peelings around the outside of the area and watch what happens. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Following these simple steps should end up with an enclosure that’s spider free. All you need to do then is to relax and enjoy your outside space.

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