How To Clean And Lubricate Your Glass Sliding Doors In 4 Easy Steps

cleaning-and-lubricating-sliding-door-trackThere’s nothing worse than having sliding doors that just don’t seem to… err….slide. Because the tracks that the doors sit in can easily accumulate dust, dirt and other matter, it’s important to keep them free from debris, especially if you want that effortless sliding motion. With this in mind, here’s a step by step guide that tells you how to keep your doors in tip top condition.

Remove the doors from the track

This should be done carefully. Firstly take hold of the door and lift it up so that the wheels of the door clear the tracking. Also at the same time, pull it towards you. You may need to use a screwdriver to help separate the wheels from the track prize but once done carefully lift the doors onto two saw-horses or a table top so that it is easy to work on.

Cleaning the wheels

Although the track might appear clean, hair and debris can get caught around the wheels which prevents free-flowing movement. Therefore using a wire brush, thoroughly clean around the wheels making sure all particles are removed. Next, using a crevice tool, vacuum the debris from the wheels and and also right along the bottom and top of the door. Finally apply a non-stick grease or lubricant to the wheels and test them to ensure free flowing movement.

The door tracking

The next stage is to turn your attention to the door tracking. Again, using a crevice tool, thoroughly vacuum along the track making sure it’s clean. To make doubly sure use a damp rag and run it along the length of the track. This should pick up any bits of debris that the vacuum has left behind. Finally apply a coating of lubricant to the door tracks before you put the door back.

Putting the door back

After carefully lifting (you might need two people for this as some glass doors are heavy) position the top of the door on the inside of the top running track. Next push the door up into the tracking so that it clears the bottom runners. Let the rollers drop into position. If you’ve has to loosen any screws prior to lifting the door out, don’t forget to re-tighten them so that the door stays in position. Finally slide the door backwards and forwards a few times until the lubricant is well worked in.

Although it seems like a lot of hassle, by doing this once a year it will guarantee your doors will always operate just as they should.

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