Fly Screens – Not Solely For The Prevention Of Flies

FlyscreensPeople often tend to talk about insect screens and refer to them as ‘fly screens’. However while they’re normally pretty handy at keeping flies at bay they can also prevent a whole load of other insects and creepy crawlies from entering too.

Arachnids – Or spiders to you and me!

The good news is that pretty much every fly screen on the market is made to keep out spiders. Although the majority of dangerous spiders- or rather the variety that give you a nasty nip – are likely to remain outside, it’s great for keeping out that eternal favourite the Huntsman spider. Huntsmans love to come indoors in search of warmth and food especially as the weather cools.

Bees and wasps

Honey bees, Sawflies, Paper wasps and European wasps have a tendency to invade the home in the summer time especially if there’s something sweet and sticky on offer. Although like most insects  they don’t sting, unless provoked or agitated, they can and do freak people out. The good news is that the vast majority of fly screens on the market will keep all manner of wasps and bees at bay.

Midges, Sandflies and Mosquitoes

The ‘Mozzie’ and their counterparts are undoubtedly the most loathsome of critters because unlike many other insects, they don’t need a reason to bite you. In fact they seem to want to bite for fun – as I’m sure we’ll all testify. The good news is that most fly screens on the market – ours included – will stop these insects from entering. However for the really small midges/sandflies you might want to look at something called ‘midge mesh’. It’s made with exceptionally small holes that even the smallest of midges can’t enter, allowing you to get a peaceful and bite-free night’s sleep.

As you can see a quality insect screen is for more than keeping out flies, For people who have had them fitted they can rest assured knowing that their home remains insect free while not having to worry about keeping doors and windows closed.

If you haven’t got round to installing an insect security screen them maybe it’s about time you did. The winter period is the perfect time to have them fitted ready for the first signs of spring. Why not contact Down Under Insect Screens and Security for a no-obligation quote? We’ve been in the industry for over 25 years and have the experience to fit screening to any area. Call us today on 07 3807 3355 and start the ball rolling.

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