Fly Screens And More – How To Keep Insects At Bay

house-fly1-300x207During the hotter summer months, flies, mosquitoes and other insects can become a real nuisance, invading your property, work space and other areas. So just how do you minimise the impact of these pesky critters in your personal space?

Keep them out of the building

The first step is probably somewhat obvious but effective nonetheless and that’s to keep them from entering the building in the first place. An ideal way to do this is by using fly and insect screens. Insect screens can easily be fitted to doors and windows and leave you free to let the cool breezes in and keep the bugs out. There are several different varieties, from mesh panels, to roller and chain fly screens, so you might need advice on the best type of screen to suit your needs.

Take outdoor action

If you want to enjoy your outside space without being plagued by a thousand mosquitoes or a gang of flies then an insect zapper is a great idea. Aside from acting as a warning to other insects not to get too close, they make a very satisfying ZAPP sound (in a cruel, sadistic, kind of way) when an insect strays that little bit too close. In addition try burning scented candles or sticks, they’re great at keeping insects at bay with the added bonus of smelling nice too.

A word about leafy planting

Your outside space may well resemble a lush tropical oasis full of big leafy plants and large trees that give you plenty of shade and that’s great. However the problem is that you’re not the only ones who love it, insects do too! This being the case you may want to consider cutting back on the greenery just a little.

Outside lighting

We all love a bit of outside lighting right? It creates a mood and ambience that makes your yard an inviting place to be. Just like leafy plants, many bugs and insects are also attracted to light. We’re not suggesting for one minute that you don’t have any outside lighting, but what is advisable is that you don’t have too much lighting immediately outside of the property. By keeping a good amount of darkness between your external and internal lighting it will cut down on the number of insects that make the transition from outdoors to inside your property.

What about insect sprays?

Although insects screens do a fantastic job at keeping insects at bay there’s always going to be the odd one or two that evade capture and this is especially true if you’ve forgotten to drop a screen down. There are of course a wide range of insect sprays on the market but to be honest, they smell pretty horrific and after a good spray, you feel like most of it will have disappeared into your lungs whilst the insect in question has simply flown off. Instead, why not burn citronella candles? Insects hate them and in addition they’re completely safe around children and pets.

If you want to find out more about how insect screens can give you a peaceful haven free from unwanted insects, then contact Down Under Insect Screens And Security. We’ve been successfully fitting screens to Brisbane properties and businesses for many years and have a wide selection to choose from. Why not give us a call on (07) 3807 3355, and see just what we can do for you.

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