Exploring The Real Benefits of Retractable Insect Screens

How good would it be to really enjoy your home without fear of being eaten alive by a plague of hungry mosquitoes or being pestered relentlessly by a swarm of flies? Okay so it might not be quite that bad but insects can be a nuisance. So much so in fact that they can lead you to keep doors and windows closed so as to avoid inviting unwanted insects inside. One way to solve this problem is by fitting a retractable fly screen. Let’s take a look at the main benefits.

Allows light and air into your home

Many people who don’t currently have any insect screening may prefer to keep doors and windows shut. While there’s nothing particularly wrong in this per se, it’s far more healthy during the summer months to open up windows and doors to allow fresh (albeit warm air) to flow through. A fly screen allows you to do just this without having to be subjected to waves of insects.

Ditching the insecticide

Speaking of being healthy, when you have a good quality fly screen fitted you no longer have to spray endless cans of what can only be described as pretty horrible insect repellent that has a tendency to stick in the back of your throat. Therefore from a health perspective it’s got to be good. Also in addition you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

Reduce sunlight glare

As well as keeping insects out a good screen can also protect you from the annoying glare of the sun that often streams through your window. Retractable fly screens are also great for enclosing outside spaces such as terraces and patios, and as such a retractable screen can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button or tug on a pulley. Therefore when there are no insects around and you want to enjoy some sun or to open up the space, then simply lift them up. If on the other hand you still want the feeling of being outside but without the annoyance of any mosquito or flies, or indeed the glare is getting all too much, then again one click or tug brings them down. This way you’ll still have the feeling of being outdoors but without all the hassle that goes with it.

They’re invisible

Some people choose not to opt for fly screens because they can appear to be ugly and can also make a light room appear dark. However unlike a conventional fly screen retractable screens don’t have to be permanently down and instead can disappear or retract back into their casing when not in use. This means that unless you’re using them they don’t have to be seen. As a result retractable screens are considered more aesthetically pleasing and indeed user-friendly.

As we’ve seen not only do retractable insect screens promote a healthy standard of living but they can also increase the desirability of your property. After all who wouldn’t want to spend time outside or in an enclosed area, safe in the knowledge that they’re free from insects.

Here at DownUnder Screens we’ve been supplying and installing a wide variety of insect screens including the retractable variety for many years and as such, have seen first hand the benefits that they bring our customers. If you want to know more about availability or need advice on the best type to suit you, then contact us today. Our experienced team are standing by to help.

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