Exploring The Not So Obvious Benefits Of Outdoor Rooms and Patio Enclosures

mesh patio screenWe all know that the major benefit of outdoor rooms and patio screening is that they allow us to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle without having to worry about being plagued by a plethora of unwanted insects. However many people are unaware of the other less obvious, but just as important, benefits that they bring.

Providing first class visibility without any glare

How many times have you walked into a glass panelled sun room or conservatory but rather than enjoying the view are instead faced with complete ‘glare-out’ caused by the sun on the glass? Not only does it cause you to pull a funny squinty face, it can actually damage your eyes. Conversely with a patio enclosure that uses security meshing, you’ll be able to walk into a room, however sunny it is and be free from glare. Not only this you’ll be able to enjoy the view perfectly.

Keeps cleaner for longer

We all know that glass can be extremely problematic to keep clean. The slightest finger print or greasy smear and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Rather than endless washing and polishing why not invest in a patio screen instead? It does exactly the same thing but because it’s mesh instead of glass, all it needs is an occasional dust or hose down to keep it looking like new.

Make it unique

Glass sun rooms can be expensive to construct and besides, your construction is often limited to the size of your glass. Conversely with mesh screening there are endless configurations to choose from meaning that your patio enclosure can be as bespoke as you want it to be. Whether you want the enclosure to be a seamless extension to your property, or alternatively something completely different, the only real stumbling block might be the limits of your imagination when it comes to design.

Filters light

Probably the most impressive benefit of a mesh screen outdoor room or patio enclosure is that the material is designed especially to filter many of those harmful UV rays that otherwise can do a lot of damage to your skin. Just imagine enjoying your outside space knowing that you’re as safe from the sun as you can be.

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