Exploring The Benefits Of Sashless Windows

sashless-windowsIf you’ve been considering new windows for your property and so far nothing that you have seen has really ticked all your boxes, then why not take a look at sashless windows. This modern chic solution combines the latest in contemporary window design with the very best elements in window technology.

So what exactly is a sashless window?

Basically a sash is the aluminium or timber frame which goes around the window pane and for a long time this was the only type of moveable glass window that could be purchased. The sash also served as a support for the mechanism which allowed you to open and close the window. So minus a sash does that mean a window can’t be opened? Far from it. The beauty of sashless windows is that they are incredibly easy to open and close.

A sashless window consists of two overlocking panes of glass which slide smoothly over each other as they are raised or lowered at the same time. The glass in the windows is counterbalanced which means that as you open the window at one side, the other side simultaneously opens the same amount. This means you gain excellent ventilation while preserving your view. Having no intrusive vertical or horizontal aluminium or timber frames, when you look through a sashless window you’re rewarded with the same unobstructed view as you would get through a fixed window pane.

Benefits of sashless windows

  • Unobtrusive handles and excellent locking systems

  • Vertical or horizontal opening options

  • Aluminium frames with a choice of attractive powder coated finishes to match your décor

  • Full protection from the elements

  • Unobstructed views

  • Fly screens can be easily installed

  • Excellent control of ventilation which naturally cools your room in the summer months, freshens your air, and lessens your dependence on your A/C unit

  • Improved energy efficiency over other types of windows

Why choose sashless windows?

A sashless window gives you the largest viewing area possible as there is no frame to obstruct your view and for this reason, they offer an unobtrusive and minimalist method of adding windows to your property. These types of windows can also be fitted into existing timber and aluminium frames which makes them a popular chose for anyone renovating a property.

Here at Down Under Insect Screens and Security Pty Ltd, Sashless windows are just one type of window that we can install in your property. So why not let us design a window and door concept that will totally transform your property and make you the envy of your neighbours. Call us today on 07 3807 3355 to discuss your requirements.

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