Exploring The Benefits and Disadvantages of Awning Windows

awningwindow_zpsccd53ce4If you’re looking to replace your windows there are a variety of styles to choose from with one of these being awning windows. These are often compared to casement windows with the difference that instead of being hinged on the side they are hinged on their top edge.

Awning windows tend to be less popular than some of the other styles of window because they do have their limitations in the home. The decision to use them isn’t dictated by cost but instead by location and where the window is to be installed. Typically this type of window is installed where space is tight, such as in a cloakroom, inside cupboard or single wash room.

Just like any window, Awning windows have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look:


  • Provide an attractive feature to your home and since they open outwards from the top they lend a fresh stylish look.
  • If privacy is a concern then awning windows are a great choice because they can be fitted high on a wall where other window’s couldn’t be fitted. This means you can enjoy light and ventilation without compromising on privacy.
  • Because of the way the windows open they still provide good protection from bad weather whilst allowing light and ventilation in. Traditional windows will not only let light and ventilation in, but also the rain! Since awning windows open upwards and outwards they can be left open and the rain can’t get in.
  • Since awning windows tend to be installed quite high up, they’re often small in size which makes it harder for anyone considering breaking in.
  • Finally, awning windows are relatively cheap to buy.


  • If your home is located on a busy street or you’ve got a ground floor flat then these types of windows opening on a busy walkway may not be allowed by your local authority.
  • Due to the way the windows open upwards and outwards they tend to be more exposed to rain and surface run-off than other types of windows and may require more frequent cleaning. On higher levels it could be an issue reaching the outside of your awning windows without a ladder.
  • Building regulations require that a certain number of windows are designated escape routes in the upper floor of your home and in this respect awning windows due to their size, location and way they open can present a problem. If you’re considering awning windows then be careful where you install them or speak to a contractor first.

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