Exploring 5 Great Benefits Of Installing A Patio Enclosure

patio enclosureA porch or patio enclosure is a beautiful element that can easily be added to your home. They consist of a series of frames and screening (usually in mesh, but sometimes in glass) that essentially act as another room. Aside from the benefits of an extra room, what other advantages does a patio enclosure have? Lets take a closer look.


Protection from the elements

An enclosed patio means that you can now enjoy your outside space without the added problems of being plagued by insects. Just imagine firing up the barbecue without getting dive-bombed by a hoard of flies. Or how about relaxing in your favourite chair without having to smother yourself in anti-mosquito lotion. In essence a patio enclosure gives you all the benefits of your existing outside space but without the hassle.

Providing protection without glare

The one issue with enjoying your outside space (apart from the insects of course) is the possibility of sun burn. A high quality mesh screen not only acts as a sun screen protecting you from harmful UV light, but also protects you from any glare. Instead customers can look forward to relaxing time outside without having to worry about the glare.

Additional storage areas

Now the outside is effectively inside then it’s a good chance to store all those items such as shoes, hats, and even coats. Okay so you probably don’t want your area cluttered up, but think about the extra storage just one small corner will give you.


Added security measure

Another added benefit of a patio enclosure is that it acts as another line of defence against anyone looking to break into your property. Don’t forget that you’re likely to make it much harder for a burglar to gain access to your property and because of this, being opportunists, they’re more likely to move on to a less secure property instead. In addition from a security aspect, a patio enclosure offers you a little more protection from unwanted visitors as you can see them approaching behind the relative safety of a screen.


Aesthetic charm

Patio enclosures if done correctly give off a real aesthetic charm and in some cases can even add real value to the property. Why not decorate the area with a few strategically placed pot plants and really bring the outdoors inside. Or alternatively rig up some great lighting to create a relaxing feel at night. Whatever you decide you really can make your patio enclosure a great looking home from home!

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