Do’s and Don’ts When Selecting Handles And Knobs For Your Wardrobe Doors

One of the best and cheaper ways of giving your bedroom a make-over is to replace your wardrobe doors. Not only can it completely transform the room but replacing your wardrobes with quality doors can also give it a real wow factor, that looks as if it’s cost you thousands of dollars to achieve. Of course to enhance your doors further then it’s important to select the right knobs and handles to match. With this in mind, here are some do’s and don’ts that you might want to read, before you splash the cash.

Do know your budget

Strangely many people seem to forget that when they’re purchasing knobs and handles for wardrobe doors they’ll be buying them in multiples. The offshoot is that before you know it the price can soon mount up. That said, it isn’t really cost-effective to go for something that appears flimsy just because it’s cheap either. Instead it’s better to pay a little extra for a quality finish that you know will last the life of the wardrobe, even if it does mean paying a little more.

Do buy the right amount

It seems really obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people purchase what they think is the right amount of knobs and handles only to to find that they’ve forgotten to include the two small drawers at the bottom. It pays to double check before you order.

Do consider longer handles on taller wardrobe doors

Aesthetically longer handles tend to work far better on tall wardrobe doors. Conversely shorter handles or smaller knobs are likely to get lost in the vast expanse of material that make up the door itself.

Do your measurements

You’ll need to make sure that the centre-to-centre measurements are spot on as the new handle needs to be positioned exactly where the old handle used to be, so double check your measurements as there’s nothing worse than a door handle that’s off centre.

And now for the don’ts……..

Don’t select knobs and handles from different collections

If you want your hardware to be style-consistent then it needs to be sourced from the same collection. You can go down the quirky route and mix and match within collections, but you won’t get the same results if you purchase one handle from one collection and a knob from another.

Don’t limit yourself to just one finish

If you really want to enhance your newly fitted wardrobe doors why not opt for different finishes of handle or knob? For instance how about opting for a dull bronze look on your wardrobe doors and contrast this with a highly polished silver effect handle on your drawers.

Don’t choose a knob or handle without checking clearance levels

One of the main problems that people have when selecting knobs or handles is that they fail to check whether there is sufficient clearance when the drawer or door is opened. For instance if wardrobe doors open together it’s no good fitting bulky knobs or handles that are going to catch each other as the two doors meet. Instead measure the distance and choose your hardware according to the size.

With the right knobs and handles your new wardrobe doors can look a million dollars. So if you want to get it right then it pays to follow some of the advice listed above, before you dive in.

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