Considering A New Shower Screen?

frosted glass shower screenA new shower door or screen is a great way of giving your bathroom a fresh, clean new look without it costing an arm and a leg. Although a simple shower curtain keeps the water off your bathroom floor, glass shower doors provide a more elegant solution which offer water tight seals, privacy, and easy access to your shower. Shower screens and doors come in a variety of styles and configurations so here are some top tips to consider:

Walk in showers and wet rooms are popular choices for modern homes and have their own individual benefits. A walk in shower uses a tray in the same way as a conventional shower, but offers more space for the user, and is a good solution for areas where a wet room isn’t ideal. A walk in shower also maximises the space that you have and you can choose from pivot doors or sliding doors. When choosing your shower door you also need to consider the type of glass.

Type of glass

8 or 10mm tempered glass is safe, long lasting and durable, as well as being easy to clean, making it an ideal choice. However other options include 4 and 6mm glass. It’s also worth remembering that

  • Thicker glass will need more support because of its weight
  • Toughened glass is the best choice for a shower enclosure or wet room
  • According to the shape, or how curved or large the glass is, the less thickness will be achieved because of the design

Types of shower enclosure

Quadrant enclosures

There are various types of shower enclosure to suit different needs. In corners and tight spaces a quadrant shower enclosure with sliding doors offers the best solution.

Frameless doors and enclosure

These look sleek and contemporary and are perfect for contemporary bathrooms. They have a minimalist design to give an appearance which is light and airy.

Hinged shower doors and enclosures

Again these are a good choice for contemporary bathrooms particularly with a chrome bar handle which complements the modern look of the shower enclosure.

Sliding shower doors and enclosures

These are perfect for saving space in any size of bathroom and because they’re easy to operate they make getting in and out of the shower effortless.

Pivot shower doors

These are one of the most common types of shower door and can be either pivoted in the centre, the left, or the right. Most of these types of shower doors open outwards into your bathroom so it’s important to consider where your bath, sink, and toilet are positioned. These types of shower door are often supplied with a frosted glass or chrome finish and a universal type of door handle.

Bifold shower enclosures

Since the doors concertina and don’t open right out, there’s less space needed, which makes this type of enclosure ideal for tight spaces. The doors typically close within the shower area so less clearance space is needed at the opening of the shower enclosure.

If you’re considering a new shower screen then why not contact Down Under to see what we can do. Our stylish screens are sure to enhance your home and make your bathroom look lighter, brighter, and more appealing. Give us a call on 07 3807 3355 where our friendly staff will be only too pleased to discuss your requirements.

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