Choosing The Right Insect Screen For Your Home – It Might Be more Complex Than You Think

deciding-which-type-of-insect-screenYou’d have thought that choosing the right insect screen for your home is a relatively simple affair. The trouble is that most people don’t realise the plethora of options that are open to them and when they do, it becomes difficult to know what type of insect screen to pick. With this in mind, let’s delve through the murky waters of insect screens and try and restore some sort of clarity.

Fixed standard

As the name suggests the first type of fly screen is one that can’t easily be removed. These are without doubt the most common type of insect screen used in Australia and are usually constructed from powder-coated aluminium, although just to confuse you, they can also be constructed from treated timber. Infill’s can be made of standard mesh, or even stainless steel and bronze. They suit small to medium sized windows as well as the double-hung variety.

Fixed porthole

Again these are fixed in place and can’t be easily removed but are best used in conjunction with larger casement and awning windows as they have a porthole access.

Slider screens

Constructed similarly to a standard fixed type except this time the difference is that they’re moveable. Perfect for sliding doors only, they’re usually mounted on rollers which then sit on the door sill.

Drop screens

Drop screens are best used in doorways that have a constant stream of traffic. As a result the screen can be retracted when a person is passing through and dropped again afterwards. Obviously with the screen not being in operation a percentage of the time, it isn’t going to be as effective as say a fixed screen would. That said they’re designed to fit the majority of door types and most windows.

Retractable screens

Retractable screens are designed to retract back into themselves (usually contained within a thin box). They’re ideal for those who don’t like the aesthetics of a fixed screen but want the protection it gives. Retractable screens can ether be actioned using a series of pulleys similar to a blind, or alternatively by remote control. Ideal for French doors and larger window openings as well as bi-fold windows and doors.

So there you have it, the complex world of the insect screen!

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