Addressing 5 Of The Most Popular Concerns When It Comes To Screening Bi-Fold Doors

bifold-doorsBy far the most popular type of door in Australia is the bi-fold variety. Available in a wide variety of materials such as timber, aluminium, and PVC they’re designed to open up your home thus effectively blending the outdoors with the inside. This is all well and good but opening up your home can also mean that you open it up to a hoard of uninvited guests such as flies and mosquitoes. With this in mind, should you have to suffer like this every time you want to fling your doors open and embrace the outdoor life.

In a word no! There is way that you can have the best of both worlds and that’s by screening them. In the past this has evoked a few common concerns and in this blog post we’re going to address 5 of the most popular.

You didn’t know that you could!

Surprisingly at Down Under Insect Screens and Security, we’ve been supplying and fitting quality insect screens to businesses and residential home owners for decades and it still amazes us (given bi-folding doors are so popular in this country) that many people aren’t even aware that there are screens available that perfectly suit this type of door. In fact there are two types and they are pleated and retractable screening. Both work equally as well, depending upon preference.

You don’t want to ruin the look of your beautiful doors

To those that have bi-fold doors fitted, they aren’t just a functional piece of furniture, they’re also decorative too. For this reason it comes as no surprise that many people who consider screening are concerned about the overall aesthetic look. With this in mind the key is to select screening that blends in perfectly with your door frames so that it appears seamless.

You don’t want to spoil your view

Again this is completely understandable and nowadays modern day screening is fashioned using extremely fine mesh. If you really want to go for that seamless view, why not consider using one longer piece of uninterrupted screening?

You’re concerned about the space screens take up

Modern day screens are designed to be as discreet as they can be and therefore take up less space than you think. That said, it does depend upon the size of the opening you’re wanting the screen to cover as this could affect the size of the retractable cassette or the stack-back of pleated screening. Therefore this does need to be taken into consideration.

You’re worried that they aren’t particularly easy to use?

A good quality screen is sturdy and incredibly easy to use as well as having a soft-closing mechanism so it retracts perfectly every time. So yes, in a word, they’re easy to use.

If you’re considering screening for your bi-fold doors or for any other type of door or window, then contact the experts at Down Under Insect Screens and Security. We’ve been fitting bespoke quality screens for many years and as such have the skills and the experience to make them a seamless and enjoyable part of your home. Why not speak to our dedicated team today on 07 3807 3355 to see just what we can do for you.


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