A Quick Buyers Guide To Retractable Insect Screens

pleated retractable insect screensRetractable insect screens are a discreet way to protect your home from unwanted insects and are also perfect for use on awkward windows and doors where standard insect screens won’t fit. For these reasons they remain a very popular choice. With this in mind, here’s a quick buyer’s guide that you can follow to ensure that you buy the best retractable screens to suit your needs.

Options -

When it comes to screening options you have several to choose from. These include:

  • Flat Mesh Screening
  • Pleated Screening
  • Magnetic Screening
  • Panelled Screening

Flat mesh screening, for example, is ideal if you want the track system to be completely hidden away into the floor. They can consist of one flat panel that’s manoeuvred right across the opening or two smaller widths of flat screen that meet in the middle. Alternatively, as the name suggests, pleated screening has a pleated style mesh  that folds up as the framework is closed and it can also be used in the same way as flat mesh screening, meaning that they too are very discreet.

Panelled screening is ideal for larger gaps and is made up of a number of panels that slide across to close off the area. They open and close just like bi-fold doors, so are very easy to operate; however they’re not as discreet as flat or pleated screening would be.

Finally magnetic screening is held in place using magnetic strips. As such, it’s easily and quickly removable. It’s ideal if you want to remove your screening and replace it with new screening for optimum use. That said, the lifespan of the magnetic strips is less than a fixed screen would be.

Manual or motorised?

Another factor you’ll need to take into consideration when buying retractable insect screens is whether you want to go hi tech and motorised or would you prefer the (some say more reliable) manual variety. The motorised option can certainly add the wow factor, as it moves effortlessly with the touch of a button, however they’re considerably more expensive than the manual variety which you can easily slide across or pull down with your hands.


What type of area do you need screening?

Another aspect you’ll need to look at is the type of area that needs screening. As an example if you’re screening a large door area similar to French or patio doors then you might want to opt for sliding retractable screens with panelled screening. Alternatively if it’s a smaller window then a flat screen pull-down variety might be better suited.

So there you have it, a quick buyer’s guide to retractable screens. If you’d like to find out more about retractable insect screens or would like to purchase quality insect screens from a well-trusted and reputable company, with years of experience in the industry then speak to Down Under Screens and Security. Contact us on 07 3807 3355 to see just how we can help you.  Go on, put us to the test today! We’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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