5 Top Tips To Burglar Proof Your Doors

how to burglar proof your doorIf you come from the ‘prevention is better than cure’ school of thought then you’ll know the importance of securing your home and indeed your family. The trouble is that if you did every single thing on every single list, you’d end up spending a fortune on something that resembles Fort Knox. The point is that you’ve still got to live in it and at the end of the day it’s your home so you still want it to look nice. For this reason everything you do to burglar proof your property should be done with this in mind.

Let’s talk about doors for a minute….

Did you know that an estimated 70% of burglaries occur when invaders enter through your front door. That’s a surprising fact when you consider that the main door is usually the first thing that people tend to secure when they go out. So just how can you burglar proof your doors? Here are 5 top tips.

Keep it solid

If you’re going to invest money in an exterior door then it needs to be kick-proof and that means at the very least, a solid wood door or possibly one with a solid wood core. Metal doors also work but you’ll need a lock-block and interior reinforcement to prevent it from being forced open with a car jack. Doors made from reinforced steel are your most robust option and can be made to look just like wood for that natural look. That said, they do need ongoing maintenance to protect them from rust.

Give the windows a miss

External doors with window panels look attractive but if the window panel is located within an arms reach of your lock it makes it easy for any burglar to smash the window and open the lock from the inside. With this in mind the best option is to go for a windowless door. However if you can’t live without natural light in your hallway and really want a glass panelled door, then make sure the glass is reinforced. Finally you might want to think about installing a security lock at floor level, way out of the reach of any burglar.

Goodbye shrubbery

Everyone loves a bit of greenery, but unfortunately so to do burglars, especially if it’s close to your doors and windows. It makes the perfect cover for burglars to break into your house without the risk of being seen. Consider cutting back overhanging branches or remove tall grasses from your door area. Besides letting more natural light through, you’ll be doing your bit for security too.

Get a deadbolt

Whatever style of door you choose the reality is that it’s only ever as strong as its lock. This is why you really should invest in a deadbolt. As you kind of get what you pay for, it makes sense to go for a reputable brand. I’m not suggesting that you need to spend a small fortune, just don’t be tempted to buy one from the bargain bin at your local thrift store.

Don’t forget the frame

A strong security door with a weak door frame is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. One swift kick on a flimsy frame and door is likely to pop open like a freshly steamed surf clam. Instead of a flimsy plate, look to install a steel box strike. This is a deeper variety that can also house the bolt part of a deadbolt.

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