5 Mosquito Repellent Plants To Ensure You Can Enjoy Your Outside Space

pot of lavender will repel mosquitoesLet’s face it, in the summer time mosquitoes are a real problem. The trouble is that this coincides with the time when you want fling all your windows and doors open and get outside and enjoy the sunshine. You could of course install a  patio enclosure or insect screening and this is indeed what many people do, but what if you don’t want to be screened in, what else can you do?

Well, apart from drowning yourself in insect repellent you can take a greener approach by placing insect-repellent plants around your outside space. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best.


Aside from being beautiful to look at marigolds emit a distinct smell that mosquitoes simply detest. Try planting them near entry points such as doors and windows or on a balcony or decking. In fact, wherever you spend most of your time in the summer consider placing a marigold plant


Not the best looking plant in the world, but boy is it effective! In fact it’s used in candles and in the very same insect repellent that most of us tend to smother all over our bodies. It is essentially a clumping grass which can grow somewhere between 1.5 and 2 metres tall. It can be planted in the ground, but for better containment consider placing it into large pots around the perimeter of your garden.


Yes the very same aniseed like herb which is so reminiscent of Mediterranean cuisine is abhorred by mosquitoes. In fact it’s one of the few herbs that you don’t have to crush the leaves to reap its benefits. Instead the very sight of a basil plant is enough to drive mosquitoes away. As well as standard basil, lemon basil and cinnamon basil are just as effective.


You probably already know that lavender aids relaxation and restful sleep (hence lavender scented pillows) but did you know that it repels mosquitoes too? Plant them in pots by windows, doors, and entertainment areas for best results. In addition try drying the plant and placing  in your drawers and wardrobes to repel moths. It really works!


Okay so if you’re not a cat lover then you probably shouldn’t be planting this, but just as cats can’t get enough of it, mosquitoes hate it. Catnip is a perennial herb related to the mint family. It’s easy to grow and similarly to lavender and basil, it works best placed around window and door entrances and entertainment areas.

Here at Down Under Screens and Security, we might not be able to help you with horticulture but we can assist you by fitting quality insect screens and patio enclosures. Along with your planting, why not be doubly sure and keep the critters out once and for all. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote on 07 3807 3355 today

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