5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider A Glass Shower Screen

glass-shower-screen1-300x300So you’ve been thinking about giving your bathroom a much needed makeover but just can’t make up your mind as to how to go about it. You’ve turned the pages of countless glossy magazines for inspiration but for some reason you keep coming back to a glass shower screen. The trouble is they can be expensive especially when compared to other forms of shower doors. So can you really justify the price?

Here are 5 compelling reasons why it just might be your best option ...

Creates that instant wow factor

The first thing about a quality glass shower screen is that it has the ability to create that instant wow factor. For instance a frame-less shower screen is the ultimate in sophistication and will last for many years to come, making it a great investment too.

Shine the light

Bathrooms can often have a tendency to be dark and dingy especially if you adorn it with dark tiles and bathroom furniture. By installing a glass shower screen it immediately lets the light flood in. Floor-to-ceiling shower curtains obstruct views and retract the light so not only does your bathroom appear darker, it looks smaller too. A quality glass door has the opposite effect making your bathroom appear much bigger and lighter than it actually is.

It’s easy to clean

How many times have you had to scrub your old shower curtain because it”s showing signs of mould? A difficult and time consuming task right? With a glass shower screen mould becomes a thing of the past. Instead all it takes is a quick spray with a bathroom glass cleaner and a wipe down with a dry cloth and that’s it! Your screen sparkles like a jewel!

It’s safe

It’s understandable that people might think twice about installing a glass shower screen because of the safety aspect. However they’re made from toughened glass complete with strengthened hinges and brackets so they aren’t going to fall off. In fact, children and adults (for that matter) are far more likely to injure themselves falling through a plastic shower curtain than they are with a glass shower screen. Yes, honestly! Buy a good quality one and you’ll find they’re about as safe as a shower door, curtain or screen can be.

There’s a glass shower screen to suit you

Take a closer look and you’ll notice a multitude of glass shower screens to suit a wide variety of styles, themes and designs. Some are plain and simple, some are elegant, others contain elaborate decorative designs. Whatever your taste or bathroom design, it’s really easy to find that perfect match for you.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why you really need to consider a shower screen for your bathroom. Here at Down Under Screens and Security, we supply and fit all manner of glass shower screens, so why not give us a call on 07 3807 3355 and let our highly experienced team show you just what we can do.


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