4 Tips On Beating The Heat This Summer And Cutting Energy Costs

retractable insect screenLet’s face it who doesn’t want to save money in the current economic climate. What with summer approaching and air conditioning units running at full pelt, what could you do to lessen the impact on your wallet?

Don’t forget your fans

No we’re not talking about any admirers instead we’re referring to using ceiling fans. Many Australians think that if they have air conditioning they don’t need ceiling fans and it’s quite surprising how many homes don’t have any fans at all. Fans don’t just use less energy than an A/C unit but when combined with air conditioning they let you to push up the thermostat on your A/C unit and cut costs. A couple of tips worth noting is to turn off the ceiling fan if there’s no-one in the room and always purchase energy efficient fans.

Open windows and doors whenever you can

How often have you taken a cooling evening stroll in the summer and heard your neighbours A/C working overtime? Why not take advantage of those cooling cross breezes at those times of the day by flinging open your doors and windows during the hours when it’s not quite so hot, and turning off the A/C. A mistake that many people with French doors, or with doors or windows that swing out and swing in make, is thinking that they can’t screen them. So they leave them closed to avoid bugs getting in, making it more necessary than ever to have the air conditioning turned on. If a person uses a manual or motorised retractable screen then any window and door can stay open.

Get out the BBQ

Barbecuing isn’t just about cooking and dining al fresco, it actually prevents heat from the kitchen from penetrating other rooms of your home, and means that you can switch off the A/C.

Programmable thermostats

If you’ve ever dashed off to work and forgotten to turn off the air conditioning then this tip’s for you. Using programmable thermostats can prevent this from happening as well as keeping your home at a more even and comfortable temperature.

So there you have it, 4 tips to help you save money throughout the summer. We don’t just give out good advice but we also supply a wide range of insect screens for all types of doors and windows as well as some really stylish patio enclosures. If you really want to turn off the A/C and open your doors and windows without being bothered by bugs, then why not give Down Under Screens a call. You can contact us on 07 3807 3355 and get a free quote.

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