4 Great But Often Overlooked Benefits Of Installing Sliding Windows And Doors

Sliding doorsAside from the functional and aesthetic aspects of sliding windows and doors they also have many other benefits, some of which are overlooked. With this in mind, here are 4 of the less obvious, but equally appealing aspects when enhancing your living space with this type of opening.

Increase in natural light

Natural light is known to increase energy levels but aside from this it’s also proven to aid better sleeping patterns for a deeper and more energised sleep. Conversely limited exposure to natural light has for years been linked with issues such as lethargy, negative mood patterns, and even depression. Even during the winter time siding glass windows and doors can let in a vast array of natural sunlight to help you battle the seasonal blues.

Seamless transition/better views

Standard windows and doors have a tendency to let limited light in but also create a definitive point between the inside and the outdoors. The frames from these windows can also obstruct any views you might have. Alternatively, if you opt for unobscured glass, they not only provide a seamless transition from the inside to the outside making the space appear larger, they also give you an all round better view.

Space saving

Speaking of space, if you have a smaller or narrow room, a sliding door doesn’t need clearance to swing open and shut just like a standard door would and for this reason it’s the ideal scenario for those people with less space.

Money saving

Believe it or not sliding windows and doors can save you money. Because they let in more natural light you probably won’t need to switch on your lighting as often, especially in the springtime and autumn. Moreover, during the summer, sliding windows and doors can be fully opened up to maximise air flow thus saving you money on air conditioning too.

Yes sliding windows and doors are both functional and aesthetically pleasing but these four overlooked benefits, prove that they’re much more than this.

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